Finn, Steffy revelation B&B
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Could Finn have inherited more than a ring from a certain family member?

Now that Steffy and Finn are engaged, seasoned Bold & Beautiful viewers know this can only mean one thing… a wedding won’t be far behind. We’re guessing it will take place on the cliff side in Malibu or (where else?) her grandfather Eric’s living room. It’s basically a foregone conclusion that Carter will officiate… but the guest list isn’t so easy to predict. After all, we haven’t met any of Finn’s family members yet.

In fact, we don’t know anything about Finn’s background whatsoever, which leaves it pretty wide open. And like Liam, Wyatt, and Flo before him, we can’t help but suspect it will be revealed he has ties to a sibling and/or parent who is already on the canvas. But who?

We thought we were onto something during the paternity test switch; it would have been pretty juicy if Vinny had turned out to be Finn’s half-brother, who was harboring a grudge and changed the test result to stick it to him, but alas, it appears that wasn’t the case.

We’ve also speculated in the past that Finn may have a secret dark side, and while that seems highly unlikely given he appears to be the most charming guy in Los Angeles, we’ve learned never to take anything for granted on Bold & Beautiful. And it’s not like we can’t imagine it after that intimidating bit he did with Vinny in the lab! If it proves to be true, will we find out Finn inherit twisted tendencies from a parent?

Finn dark side B&B

Was this a glimpse of Finn’s mother coming through?

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So far, the only family member Dr. Finnegan has mentioned is his mother. When Finn proposed to Steffy, he did so with his mother’s ring. Finn explained he’d had the rock for years (which made it sound like his mom wasn’t around anymore) and that he wanted her to have it.

The character we instantly think of when it comes to both secret dark sides and rings is none other than one Quinn Fuller Forrester, the craziest jewelry designer in town. Could Finn be Quinn’s son?

Finn mother ring B&B

Did Finn’s mother wear this ring… or design it?

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Imagine if Finn’s father were to come to town for the wedding, spot Quinn, and the hidden truth came out. Did Finn’s father take him away from his problematic mother and say she’d died? Did Quinn put Finn up for adoption, leaving him with only a ring to remember her by? There are any number of angles that could explain them not having contact, and the twist would also make him Wyatt’s half-brother (not a stretch; they look alike), and would drive Liam crazy given his history with Quinn.

Quinn and Finn. Oh, the possibilities.

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