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B&B Breakdown for the week of November 9!

This week was all about the build up to Bill and Katie’s wedding and Nick and Bridget beginning the surrogacy process. But before I get to all that, let me just say that I absolutely hate Pam’s Catwalk dance. I have nothing else to add to that, I’ve just been waiting since Monday to say that.

Steffy and Bill’s Kiss

Much to my relief, it appears as if nothing is going to come of this awkward moment. Bill has made it clear Katie is it for him and there was nothing for Steffy to worry about. It seems it was more about Steffy realizing she has a few issues with men and will hopefully set out to work on that.

I was pretty happy that Bill kept telling her not to turn this into a crisis because it was just a kiss. So many times something like that is blown out of proportion on soaps, so it was a nice change of pace to hear Bill tell her to take it down a notch and for it not to affect the wedding.

The Bachelorette Party

I enjoyed the scenes with Katie and her sisters the night before the wedding at her slumber party. It was nice to see the Logans bond, reminisce and be happy for each other. It’s what sisters do. I might have chosen to take my sister out for a drink instead of having a sleepover the night before her wedding, and I certainly would not have been rubbing her feet, but the sentiment was nice.

The Big Day

It was pretty funny to see Bill walking around Katie’s old neighborhood like a fish out of water. The quaintness of suburbia is apparently foreign to him and his uncomfortable demeanor was pretty amusing. I loved that Bill had Jarrett write his vows and told Justin he couldn’t speak from the heart because he didn’t have one, because it fit his character. Although, I’m glad he changed his mind and did as Justin suggested because his vows were pretty darn sweet. Having Karen and Katie’s parents there and Eric deciding not to attend were also nice touches.