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A vixen with a smidge of crazy is just the kind of trouble we love.

Everything’s coming up hearts and rainbows in the burgeoning romance between Zende and Paris, so it’s the perfect time to add a little… complication, if you will. The logical choice would be for Zende’s ex, Nicole Avant, to return from overseas, especially since we still don’t know beans about what happened between them. For all we know they’re not even divorced. Wouldn’t that be something? But assuming they are over, done and in the past, we have another someone in mind to shake things up…

Some have suggested that Maya and Zende had some, let’s just say, tension, between them in the past, and Rick’s ex-wife is supposedly in Los Angeles, although we never hear about her or daughter Lizzie. But that’s another story, and we were actually thinking of someone else.

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That someone is Sasha Thompson. Not only was Sasha a siren, but the sexy model, who currently works at Forrester International, has a lot of history with Zende. Not all of it was good, but some of it was smoking hot — and she stood by him at times when he and Nicole were on the outs. Now that his marriage is over, how would Paris react if she found herself competing with such a vixen, who has already proven she’ll pull out all the stops to get her man?

Sasha return B&B

Forrester Creations’ romance department needs a shake-up!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

As a bonus, if Zende proved to be uninterested in Sasha, she could surely give Zoe a run for her money where Carter’s concerned. Sasha even brings a smidge of crazy to the table — she did steal a stranger’s pee once in order to further her lie about being pregnant with Zende’s baby after all. Yes, Zoe vs. Sasha is a match-up we’d pay to see.

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If all else fails, Sasha has history with Thomas as well. Perhaps a little dalliance for old times’ sake would help him stir feelings of jealousy in the object of his constant admiration, Hope.

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Do you think it would be fun for Sasha to come back? Check out photos of other Bold & Beautiful characters we miss and would love to see return in the gallery below.

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