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Could a shocking return be in the works? 

Over the past few weeks, The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Thomas has been sort of reinventing himself. Upon pretty quickly sussing out that something fishy was going on with his good pal Vinny, the designer doggedly pursued the truth and discovered the actual paternity of Steffy’s baby.

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Conveniently enough, he then got to be the one to tell Hope that while her husband was still a liar and a cheat, he wasn’t actually having a second child with his favorite ex. And just like that, Thomas went from heel to hero. (Emma who?)

Even when it made no sense (which honestly, it still doesn’t), Hope was telling anyone who’d listen that Thomas was a changed man, so it seems likely that as her marriage continues to crumble, she’ll be drawn to him like a moth to a flame… which is where that rumor we mentioned earlier comes in.

The moment news broke that Days of Our Lives was losing Linsey Godfrey (Sarah), tongues began wagging that the popular actress might soon reprise her role of The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Caroline. Around the Internet, that triggered multiple variations of this basic conversation:

Tweeter No. 1: But Caroline is dead!

Tweeter No. 2: Have you ever seen a soap opera before?

To be fair, both parties in that particular discussion are correct. However, we’re going to side with Tweeter No. 1 in this scenario for one simple reason: This particular soap doesn’t really do back-from-the-dead stories the way some soaps (including the one Godfrey is about to exit) do.

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Whereas both General Hospital and Days of Our Lives are overflowing with zombies, folks rarely scratch their way out of prematurely-dug graves on Bold & Beautiful. It’s not impossible — as evidenced by such past returns as Taylor, Ridge and Macy — but seems unlikely.

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That said, it’s not too tough to dream up a scenario in which Caroline could be resurrected, given that she died off screen. But what do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Would you like to see Godfrey’s pot-stirring Caroline back on screen? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, then check out this gallery of other former Los Angeles natives we’d love to have back on the show.