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We love you, Bold & Beautiful… which is why we want you to do and be better.

It should have been a huge moment. Cornered in the lab by both Thomas and Finn, The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Vinny at last confessed that yup, he’d switched Steffy’s paternity-test results. The music swelled, everyone looked shocked… but we found ourselves sort of shrugging at the plot point we’d seen coming from a mile away.

Soap fans love nothing more than speculating about what will happen next. It’s part of the game and a big reason we continue to tune in, day after day. But in order for the game to remain interesting, we have to occasionally be caught off guard by a twist. For example, General Hospital completely pulled the rug out from under viewers this week by unexpectedly killing Franco. As fans, we want to say, “See, I told you that would happen,” but we also want to occasionally shout out, “Holy crap, I didn’t see that coming!”

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There was a time when The Bold and the Beautiful routinely caught us off guard. Who can forget the day that The Young and the Restless villainess Sheila Carter suddenly showed up at Forrester Creations? Or when we discovered that while wearing masks at Hope’s birthday party, Brooke and Oliver had accidentally had sex, each believing they’d been making love with their significant others, Ridge and Hope, respectively?

Heck, it was only last year that our jaws hit the floor when Thomas began conversing with a mannequin that looked just like Hope.

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Oh, how we miss you, Fauxpe!

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For months now, the show has revolved almost entirely around Liam and Steffy’s hook-up and her subsequent pregnancy. The storyline was rife with problems from the start, from the ridiculous circumstances under which the exes fell into bed to how irresponsible yet another “Who’s the daddy?” tale made Steffy look. Worse, the story has progressed along exactly the route we expected, up to and including the switched test results.

This week, we spent three solid days listening to Thomas accuse his pal of switching the results and Vinny denying it. Had Finn not gotten involved, the conversation might still be going on. Meanwhile, despite the fact that Finn has made it clear that he is ready, willing and able to raise another man’s child, Steffy’s suddenly gotten it into her head that it would be too much for him and she should just get outta town.

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Does Steffy’s decision make any sense whatsoever? Nope. But it plays perfectly into the predictable narrative this story has followed from the start. You can probably tell without looking at spoilers how this will play out, but here they are just in case.

John McCook, Rena Sofer quinn eric bb hw

“Remember us?”

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At this point, what really needs to happen is for this storyline and everyone involved to spend a bit of time on the backburner. There are plenty of other characters on the canvas who can and should be given an opportunity to shine. Perhaps Hope can realize that the test results really don’t change anything — Liam still cheated with his ex — and will walk away from their marriage for a while. And, as happened with Bill and Katie, Liam and Hope can contemplate their future off camera and then return a few months down the line ready to reclaim the spotlight. Steffy and Finn can revel in their happiness and await the birth of their baby… again, off screen.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Scott Clifton, Annika Noelle, Tanner Novlan and Matthew Atkinson are strong performers who are popular for a reason. But it might be time to prove the old adage about absence making the heart grow fonder by giving them — and the audience — a bit of a break. We’ll not only be here waiting on the other side but actually anxious to catch up.

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Which characters would you like to see get a little storyline action? Before visiting the comment section to offer up your thoughts, flip through the gallery below in which we rank the all-time best Bold & Beautiful characters. It might just remind you of a few who haven’t been on in ages but you’d really enjoy seeing in action again.