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Thomas’ unselfish — and ironic — heroics may lead to unforeseen benefits.

After a week or so of post-surgery recovery spent courting visitors on Brooke’s sofa in a snazzy sweatsuit and promising he was a new man, Thomas has indeed managed to stay on the straight and narrow. The same cannot be said for his shifty pal, Vinny, who just admitted to switching Steffy’s paternity test to make it appear Liam was the father and not Finn. Vin’s heart was in the right place; he just wanted to give his BFF a clear path to Hope, but that was far from guaranteed regardless of the baby’s parentage.

Thomas perpetuated so many offensive schemes to try and win Hope during what we’ll kindly refer to as his obsessive phase, that many viewers swore they would never be able to buy a Thomas and Hope pairing. Indeed, Hope herself has been quick to warn Thomas it isn’t going to happen whenever he slips any mention of love or caring into a conversation. Of course, their dynamic has changed since she helped to save his life, but the history between them is quite a deterrent.

Even if Hope ditches her marriage to Liam, there are certainly other big hurdles to her getting together with Thomas. Her mother for one. Brooke doesn’t trust Thomas as far as she can throw a semi-truck — Ridge’s son or not — and would absolutely be opposed to her daughter hooking up with a man who has done her so much harm (unless said guy is Liam of course).

But what if both Hope and Brooke were to change their minds about Thomas in light of him helping to bring the truth to light about Steffy’s paternity test? The irony of Thomas setting things right where Steffy’s unborn baby is concerned after concealing the truth about Beth/Phoebe is a heck of a path to redemption, but just might be what gets the job done.

Brooke, Thomas, Hope wedding B&B

Might Thomas realize his dream of marrying Hope, and turn Brooke’s frown upside-down?

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Once Finn tells the story of how Thomas pushed Vinny to come clean for the betterment of all, and refused to indulge Vinny’s prompts to keep quiet and pursue Hope for himself, the woman he loves and her formidable mother are bound to change their tune about him. Moreover, after the celebration dies down about Liam not being the father of Steffy’s baby, Hope may very well decide she still can’t get past his recurrent infidelity and give the new, improved Thomas, who also happens to be a one-woman man, a second look.

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It would be a double dose of irony indeed if Thomas were to win Hope’s love and Brooke’s acceptance by revealing the truth about a baby and do it unintentionally through just being honest after more than a year of manipulating.

Let us know your thoughts on what will happen next with Thomas, but first, take a peek back at Hope and Liam’s love story in the photo gallery below.

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