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First-time mom Kelly Kruger asks other mothers about some of the best and worst parenting tips they’ve received.

Let’s face it, it’s been a year and the stress that has consumed many, due to the lockdown, is evident, even though we are trying to do our part to remain safe during the pandemic. The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful actress Kelly Kruger (Eva; Mac) is speaking out about her stressful experience as a new mom and looks to others for tips.

Kruger posted a beautiful photo with her daughter Everleigh, who she shares with husband and fellow castmate Darin Brooks (Wyatt). Mom and daughter are full of smiles and making the most of a beautiful, sunny day outdoors, but inside Kruger admits how stressful times have been. “Anyone else have their kid right before we went into a global pandemic? So basically we were on lockdown as new moms and then went into lockdown for a year past that.”

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“It’s been hard. It’s been stressful. Navigating motherhood with no outside help. Trying to be the best parents we can under the circumstances. Trying to make sure they aren’t missing out on too much all the while trying to take care of ourselves and our mental health.”

She went on to recall all of the conflicting advice that parents often receive and listed some of the top bits such as how to socialize your baby, to travel a lot when they are young, “so they’re used to it and can sleep on planes but don’t change their environment too much because they need routine,” and — this is a big one that many parents debate — “Let them cry it out. But wait. Don’t let them cry it out because it’s actually more damaging in the long run.” Oh, and another big one, “potty train young but don’t potty train too young.”

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In the end, Kruger simply wanted to know from other mothers out there who are experiencing the same type of stressful interactions, “What are some of the best and worst tips you’ve gotten since becoming a parent?” And one thing she wanted all of the moms to know is, “To everyone out there who is just doing your best. Parent or not. Day after day. I am sending you the biggest virtual hug and tons of love,” then joked, “oh and Darin dressed Everleigh.”

While we feel for the moms so much, the dads need some love too! Let’s take this time to honor all of the hard working proud papas with our photo gallery below featuring 23 of your favorite soap opera stars pictured with their fathers.

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