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Will Hope’s reaction to late-breaking news from her mother and aunts send her into a fury?

The latest stop in Flo’s redemption tour is Forrester Creations, where she was offered a job in the PR department by Katie, with Donna’s encouragement, and the approval of both Brooke and Ridge. The development sent some Bold & Beautiful viewers into a tailspin given there have been more perks than penance for Flo in the wake of her crimes, but more importantly, the two people she hurt most in the Baby Beth debacle weren’t even consulted!

Brooke’s initial response was to consider what Flo’s presence around the fashion house might mean for Hope and Steffy, but minutes later she decided to move forward with the plan because it was what Stormy would want. Can someone help us out here? How does that even enter the equation when considering who to hire at Forrester Creations? And in what universe does it override Flo’s victims being forced to put up with her on the daily, especially when one of them helms a major fashion line there and the other is co-CEO? It boggles the mind.

We were hoping Flo might turn bad if the Logans didn’t forgive her, but alas, she was embraced into the fold. That left us eyeing a different pathway to drama.

Few will have forgotten Hope’s venomous verbal attack on Flo when she confronted her about stealing her child and keeping the secret for months. It was next level dramatic, well-deserved, and even included a slap across the face. If Hope drums up some sustained outrage at the intrusion of Flo into her work life, cousin vs. cousin has the all the makings of a fiery new rivalry. Annika Noelle was brilliant in the aforementioned scenes and as the evil mannequin “Hope Too,” so there’s no doubt she and Katrina Bowden would be as entertaining as all get out to watch.

Steffy’s currently pre-occupied with her pregnancy and her character may be offscreen for a while due to real-life circumstances, but she could totally play a role in this as well — on Hope’s side of course. It’s always fun when two rivals team up against a common foe. The more the merrier, as they say.

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Would you like to see an explosive Hope and Flo rivalry on Bold & Beautiful? Drop your comments below after looking back over Hope and Steffy’s rivalry in the photo gallery below.

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