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Since Flo can’t live down the mistakes of the past, why not let portrayer Katrina Bowden have some fun by taking her character to the dark side?  

It looks as though Flo is well on her way to securing the Logan family’s forgiveness despite many Bold & Beautiful viewers still seeing her as irredeemable after participating in the kidnapping and sale of Baby Beth and hiding the fact while watching the parents grieve and the adoptive mother bond with a child who was not her own. So might it be better to go another route with the character?

If the audience was going to move past what Flo did to Hope, Liam, Steffy, and their extended families, they would have done so by now, especially with her donating a kidney to Katie to save her life. Instead, she’s still seen as boring at best and contemptible at worst, so if the writers are determined to keep her around, why not go with the latter?

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Circling back to Flo’s original sin, it’s really not comparable with cheating on a significant other; there are certain parties who should never let Flo off the hook, so how about running with that and having the likes of Brooke and Hope refuse to welcome her into the fold? Cut to Flo deciding to embrace the despicable tendencies they see in her, and we have the makings of some decent soapy drama.

Flo comes across as saintly and even plays the victim, but is she really such a good person? She didn’t get the nickname “Felony Flo” for nothing!

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She kept the secret of what she knew about the baby for months, partly to keep her wonderful new life from falling apart, yet now she fobs off blame on Thomas, who only came into it a few weeks before the jig was up. Flo donated her kidney, but only after Shauna pointed out it wasn’t a bad way to redeem herself with the Logans, and she certainly doesn’t practice what she preaches where Sally’s concerned. The audacity of Flo pleading her case for a second chance with her aunts when she refuses to extend the same forgiveness to Sally, who did something much less heinous, is something to behold.

Flo unforgiving B&B

Flo’s philosophy of forgiveness doesn’t seem to extend to Sally. Why not embrace her inner baddie?

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In fact, she went out of her way to trash Sally’s shot at a second chance, so it certainly wouldn’t be a stretch for Flo to turn to the dark side, and would be transformative for the character, who is purposeless at the moment, and sinking Wyatt’s popularity by association. We’d much rather see Flo engaging in rivalries with those who vowed never to accept her than what we’re seeing now.

Do you think Flo would be more entertaining as a shady character? If nothing else, wouldn’t it give the innately appealing Katrina Bowden some fun new beats to play? On your way to the comments, check out our photo gallery of Bold & Beautiful’s best rivalries over the years and let us know who you’d like to see as Flo’s rival.

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