Thomas, Hope, Vinny, Steffy crossroads B&B
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When faced with a life-altering conundrum…will Thomas revert to his old ways?

Thomas Forrester is a lot of things but dumb isn’t one of them. The savvy designer quickly put the pieces together when his old pal Vinny began carrying a white lab coat around with him and spouting specifics about lab tests, including the very type of paternity test recently taken by his pregnant sister, Steffy, while also pushing Thomas that the results were his green-light to pursue Hope.

As it dawned on Thomas that Vinny may have done a little switcheroo in the lab to boost his chances with Hope by making Liam the father of Steffy’s baby, he thought to himself, No. He wouldn’t…” Well, he is a drug-dealer, so it’s not like he’s the poster boy for scruples. He definitely could have, and it certainly appears as though he might have, but either way, Thomas has a least figured out that it’s a possibility and that Vinny had access.

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If Thomas discovers that his bestie did indeed have a hand in Liam being named the father, he’s going to have one heck of a conundrum on his hands: Should he come forward with what happened and risk being blamed, get his friend fired, and likely torpedo any chance he has with Hope, or should he keep yet another baby-related secret in order to take his shot with his lady love?

It might be tempting for Thomas to keep quiet, especially if Hope dumps Liam and turns to him. But then again he is trying to turn over a new leaf, and knows better than most that secrets always come out and the consequences aren’t pretty. Perhaps he’ll roll the dice and see where honesty gets him this time around.

Ridge suspicious B&B

Ridge is already suspicious of Vinny… so Thomas is playing with fire if he hides the truth.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

On the other hand, if Thomas learns that Vinny did not tamper with the paternity test, but has access to change the results on the computer, that leaves him at a different sort of crossroads. Both Steffy and Hope are suffering due to Liam being named the father, so if Thomas has Vinny tweak things to make it look like a mistake was made and Finn is actually the baby’s dad, all that pain would go away, right? Well, for everyone but Thomas, who would still be alone and watching a joyous Hope and Liam reunion from the outside looking in…

What do you think Thomas will do next? Let us know after taking a peek back in time with photos of Thomas Forrester through the years on Bold & Beautiful.

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