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It’s hilarious. It’s heartwarming. It’s so very Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger Brooks.

On February 23, The Bold and the Beautiful leading man Darin Brooks played a pivotal part in a stunning new video exposé. The hot topic? As the revealing footage was labeled, what happens “when you’re nice to the weird girl on set, and now she’s your wife and the mother of your child.”

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Yes, Wyatt’s portrayer once again helped pull back the veil on his marriage to sometime co-star Kelly Kruger Brooks, whom he met when she appeared on his Spike TV series, Blue Mountain State. (You probably know her better as Eva the Publicist on Bold & Beautiful or Mac on The Young and the Restless.)

In the clip that she posted, he reacts the same way we do to on-screen brother Liam’s gazillion gaffes as his better half cuts onions with a pan lid lodged inside a hoodie to keep her eyes from watering. (Legit, you have to see it to believe it. Watch below.)


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In response to the post, Brooks’ spouse reminded his followers that yep, “he married the weird girl.” And it would appear that they’ve lived happily ever after. “It’s far from perfect,” she shared in January, “but it’s perfect for us. Ya know?”

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We feel ya, Kelly. And while you’re here getting real, why not double down by perusing the below photo gallery of Bold & Beautiful actors and their off-screen significant others?