Thomas, Steffy, Vinny paternity test results switch B&B
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Bold & Beautiful’s clue-dropping leads to only one conclusion — we just feel it.

The results of Steffy’s paternity test finally came in and the aftershocks began to resonate as Liam, and not Finn, was told, “You are the father,” and the news spread through town. Though it wasn’t the least bit surprising to viewers given there would have been no drama in Finn being named the baby daddy right off the hop, it very quickly became clear that our earlier prediction that someone switched the test results was almost certainly correct…

Our first clue was Steffy’s reaction. She wasn’t just disappointed, no, she was absolutely shell-shocked because, you see, she knew Finn was the father because she felt it. Well, we all know that when a soap character feels something in their bones in this manner then it must be true.

Steffy felt it Finn B&B

If Steffy felt it, it must be true…

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Demanding a retest got Steffy exactly nowhere with the resolute Dr. Campbell, and so she was left reeling, along with Finn, Hope, and Liam. It seemed pretty clear none of them wanted this outcome, including Liam, who has yet to make the scene over at Steffy’s to tell her how beautiful it is that they’re having a second child together (as we all know he will at some point), so they’re not suspects. Unless one of them is shocked because they changed it from Liam to Finn and it somehow got changed back — but for now we’ll assume it’s not that complicated.

There’s a much more obvious culprit in one Vincent Walker. Hints have been dropping with all the subtlety of anvils that Thomas’ pal made the move to help out his old buddy. Not only has Vinny mentioned feeling bad about not being there for Thomas, but he’s convinced himself that Thomas deserves a shot with Hope, and that Liam being the father of Steffy’s baby is the way for him to get it.

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As far as access goes, Vinny made a point of stating he has an in at the hospital, which is how he gets the prescription pills he sells, and in his latest appearance, Vinny began talking about the horrors of his new job, which included having to clock in and take a lunch break at a designated time. Could his new gig be at the very hospital where the paternity test was undertaken? Well, if that white lab coat-looking accoutrement he’s suddenly carrying is anything to go by, it’s very likely!

Of course, there’s an outside chance that Vinny’s a red herring and Thomas is still hiding his obsession with Hope and changed the test himself. Perhaps he took Vinny’s remarks about the implications of Liam being the father to heart and reverted to his old ways. This seems less likely given that he wants his sister to be with Finn, however, it wasn’t all that long ago that he believed Steffy and Liam were meant to be a family.

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Vinny, Thomas test result switchers B&B

Which one is the baby paternity test switcher?

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What remains a mystery is when, if ever, we’ll find out the test was switched, or if the writers will just leave us all to speculate endlessly as they have with Kelly’s paternity. But this baby is Finn’s. We just know it. Right?

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