Jacqueline MacInnes Wood chat B&B
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Gender-reveal videos don’t get much better than this.

You had to know that when the time came for Jacqueline MacInnes Wood to share with the world whether she was having a boy or a girl, she’d do it in the most entertaining way possible. While her Bold & Beautiful alter ego may claim to be a social media mover-and-shaker, Steffy ain’t got nothing on her portrayer, who only a few days ago posted a break-the-internet video of herself “trying to [Beyoncé] this baby out.”

Although co-star Annika Noelle (Hope) left a comment indicating she was hoping the baby might arrive on Valentine’s Day, the mom-to-be instead delivered another stunning photo of herself in a baby-bump revealing outfit surrounded by heart-shaped balloons.

A day later, Wood posted to Instagram a wickedly fun video… with a twist. During the “gender reveal extravaganza,” the beauty danced to a remix of the Diana Ross classic “I’m Coming Out” while tugging a series of wigs off her head, the colors of which alternated between pink and blue. After pulling out a blue fan and removing one final wig with a flourish, she finally let us all in on the fact that she’ll be having a bouncing baby boy!

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Now that we know Wood is having a boy, we can’t help but wonder which will happen first: the birth of her real-life baby, or the revel of who fathered Steffy’s child! While we wait for both the real and reel-life developments, while not take a look at the gallery below in which we look at 25 times what happened off-screen influenced the lives of the characters on our favorite soaps.