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We’re not advocating cheating. Buuut

Let’s lay it out as simply as we possibly can: The Bold and the Beautiful has in Eric and Quinn, and Bill and Katie two dead ends. Both couples getting together (and getting back together) were exciting, engaging, unpredictable — magic.

But both couples hit walls.

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Eric and Quinn are stuck in a lather, rinse, repeat cycle in which she misbehaves (whether by smooching her stepson or trying to stick him in a marriage to her bestie), gets busted and has to beg for forgiveness. Similarly, Bill and Katie go around and around in circles: He strays to another woman (whether Steffy or Brooke), issues mea culpas and tries to get a 22nd chance.

By now, we’ve been there, done that more than once with each couple. So rather than let their breakups and makeups begin to feel as routine as Ridge and Brooke’s, we suggest that the show shake up both pairs by throwing Bill and Quinn into a full-blown love affair.

Hear us out!

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Wyatt’s parents could admit, and only to one another, that while they dearly love their significant others, there’s something missing from their relationships, some spark of danger. That, they have always been able to find in each other. Remember their rough hookup a few years back?

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“I’m not leaving Eric,” Quinn could make clear.

“Good,” Bill could reply. “Because I’m never giving up on Katie.”

But, they could agree, maybe they could scratch for one another that itch that otherwise isn’t getting tended to. It would mean nothing, just sex. They’d be like one another’s confidantes, they could tell themselves — only in a physical way.

For a while, it could even work. Bill and Quinn could meet in secret, get the release that they need, then go back to the partners they love. Little would they realize that all that time, their simple arrangement was getting complicated. They were developing (gasp!) feelings for one another.

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When one of them is in an accident and left hovering between life and death, the other would have to make a choice: Lie that their fling is just that or admit to the other that, dang it, despite their best efforts not to, they fell in love. And if they are brave enough to confess that they’ve lost their heart, where do they go from there? Does that mean the end of their relationships with Katie and Eric?

What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Doesn’t a rematch between Quinn and Bill make sense? And wouldn’t you prefer to see them spar than replay the same stories over again with Katie and Eric? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, a facepalm-inducing list of the most boneheaded moves Liam has ever made.