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At this point, the Daytime Emmy winner more or less owns the Internet, right?

Whether she’s posting arguably the most memorable pregnancy-reveal video ever or simply photos so sweet that they make you extra glad that you have eyes (see below), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood never fails to prove that she’s a master of the Instagram game. And on February 5, she kicked it up yet another notch by accepting the “Buss It” challenge.

What, um, is that, exactly?

Don’t feel dorky if you don’t know; we had to Google it, too. So hey, at least you’re in good company?

Anyway, the “Buss It” challenge asks participants to look their most Plain Jane — a sheer impossibility for the luminous Bold & Beautiful leading lady — during Nelly’s sampled line from “Hot in Herre” on Erica Banks’ hit, “Buss It.” Then, they are supposed to go full-on glamtastic while twerking their way through the rapper’s chorus.

Needless to say, Steffy’s portrayer, as creative as the day is long, put her own inimitable spin on the whole thing.

You can watch the actress set the Internet aglow in the video above. Then, while you’re hanging out at, you might also want to read our take on the Bold & Beautiful plot twist that’s poised to turn mom-to-be Steffy’s life upside-down (along with Liam’s, Finn’s, Hope’s… a whole lotta people’s!).

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