Finn, Steffy, Liam twins B&B
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Dr. Campbell may have shocking — and completely unexpected — news for Steffy, Liam, Finn and Hope.

Did anyone else think it was a little strange — and perhaps telling — that Steffy’s doctor went out of her way to explain that the paternity test she and Finn were about to take was of the non-invasive, free-floating DNA variety?

It could have been nothing more than an informative little blurb to let the audience know that Bold & Beautiful had done its research, or it could have been a little added dialogue for Dr. Campbell simply to help fill out the scene. Better than some of the repetitive conversations viewers have been subjected to as the soap tries to stretch out storylines. Given that this is February Sweeps, and the powers that be would want to delay the paternity test and results, it’s quite possible. But it there could be more to it…

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When a character on Bold & Beautiful makes a point of saying something and it stands out to the audience, there’s often a very purposeful reason for it that we come to realize later on down the line. In this case, there’s a small but intriguing possibility that the conversation may have signaled a huge twist ahead.

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In a non-invasive paternity test, the fetal DNA is isolated from the mother’s during analysis of the plasma. It turns out, according to American Pregnancy’s site, if Steffy is carrying twins, there would be free-floating DNA from both fetuses in her bloodstream and the lab would be unable to isolate each fetus’ profile. Given that Steffy was a twin and they run in her family, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

That means Steffy, Liam, Hope and Finn could find out that Steffy is carrying twins, therefore it’s impossible to know who the father of each twin is until the babies are born. Considering that everyone’s waiting with bated breath to know the paternity so as to decide how to move forward with their lives, the news that Steffy’s having two babies instead of one may not be the most shocking part of the reveal!

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So, if Bold & Beautiful wants to get really soapy with it, the show could do a twins storyline in which Finn and Liam each fathered one of the babies. Imagine! (Hey, it happened on Guiding Light, with Blake, Ross and Rick in 1995!)

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