Brooke forgive B&B
Credit: CBS Screenshot

There comes a time when you have to draw the line.

This is a well-trod path for Bold & Beautiful’s Brooke to go down, and yet every time it happens we find ourselves astounded that a mother would encourage her daughter to stay with a man who not only loves two women… but who has proven time and again that he’s incapable of being faithful.

As everyone knows, Brooke spent decades embroiled in the very same kind of painful drama, and perhaps her experiences vying with Taylor for Ridge’s affections and fighting his mother Stephanie’s constant opposition, ingrained in her the idea that winning the man you love at all costs is a worthwhile goal. Sure, Brooke knows how much Hope loves Liam, but there’s a point at which you have to draw the line. After living through it herself, one would assume Brooke would want her daughter to find a man who is devoted to only her, so as to spare her the same heartache, and to keep her granddaughter, Beth, from a life of emotional upheaval. Yet, here we are.

Also mind-boggling — not only does Brooke always urge Hope to save her marriage and fight for Liam, who is a serial-cheater, but she placed the entire blame for the hook-up on Steffy. As Steffy pointed out, you’d think Brooke would be able to relate to her position. Moreover, in one scene with Hope, Brooke mentioned having passed Liam on the way to the cabin, and chatted merrily about him looking for Beth’s doll, so we were left to assume she didn’t say a word to him about this monumental betrayal. Why on earth does Brooke behave as though Liam is blameless?! Perhaps it’s because if she admitted the truth about him she’d sound ridiculous pushing Hope to forgive him yet again.

With Brooke so bent on Hope staying with Liam, we have to wonder to what lengths she might go to ensure her daughter holds onto her man. Would she go so far as to switch Steffy’s paternity test results to make it appear Finn, and not Liam, is the father of her unborn baby? Things that make you go, “Hmm.”

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