Credit: The World's Most Watched Daily Drama Series. (CBS)

With Bold and the Beautiful being the only 30-minute soap on network TV in America, it’s not always apparent to soap fans how wildly popular it has become in other countries. Since B&B continues to do well in the ratings, thinks it’s high time to let you know some interesting tidbits that reveal the international intrigue of the Forrester antics:

Bold and the Beautiful:

*Has an enthusiastic audience of more than 300 million viewers, (larger than any other American soap).

*Is the only American soap to simulcast in Spanish.

*Is called “Beautiful” in Italy.

*Is called “Amour, Glorie & Beaut�” in France.

*Is wildly popular in Australia and ranks as the #1 soap. Episodes are ten weeks behind the U.S. episodes.

*Episodes in Israel are four months behind US episodes.

*Is aired in Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, and Serbia in two-episode blocks. (In Bulgaria, the show was recently moved to a new morning time slot and fans were outraged because it airs during worker’s morning commute time. The fans are petitioning the city of Vratsa to change the bus schedule!)

*Airs in the early evenings in the Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Finland, South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago.