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Where is Jack Marone? It’s time we found out.

Recently, we suggested that maybe, just maybe, The Bold and the Beautiful could do with an infusion of fresh blood. Which doesn’t necessarily mean new characters; it could just as easily be former ones — or a particular one that you may not even remember.

If it sounds like we have a character in mind, it’s because we most definitely do: Jack Marone, the son of Ridge’s half brother Nick and… well, kinda Brooke and Taylor. (More than a decade ago, in hopes of starting a family, Nick and Taylor used an egg donor… who turned out to be, quite accidentally, his ex and her nemesis.)

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“We’ll all laugh about this someday,” said not one of Jack’s parents.

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Were Jack to be reintroduced today, he could be SORAS’d into a buddy for Zende — or potentially a rival for Paris’ affections. And there are lots of talented young actors who could fit the bill, from Trent Garrett (formerly Asher on All My Children) to John DeLuca (who once raised temperatures on General Hospital as Aaron) to hello?!? Tyler Johnson (no longer a Young & Restless regular as Theo).

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You don’t know Jack… so who knows? Maybe Garrett (left) or DeLuca could be him!

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But even better than having a new hottie on hand, the reintroduction of Jack could also bring back Hunter Tylo as Taylor — and give the nutty shrink something new to fight over with Brooke. Suppose while Taylor has been off the canvas — leaving Thomas to date a mannequin and undergo surgery, and Steffy to repeat history with Liam — she’s been focused on Jack, the son with whom she’d never been able to bond. What if the two of them finally found common ground in their hatred of Brooke, the mother who sent Jack away when he was so little? What if his return to L.A. is tied to a plot that he and Taylor have cooked up to take away all that Brooke doesn’t deserve… and lay it at Taylor’s feet?

We’d been in for a battle royale the likes of which we haven’t seen since Brooke and Quinn went at it. What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Would you like to see Jack return to the canvas older and none the wiser? Or would you prefer a different character be introduced? Hit the comments with your suggestions after perusing the below photo gallery of soaps’ all-time fiercest rivalries.