bb liam bad decisions mashup
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (2), Jill Johnson/JPI

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that not he but Homer Simpson coined the term “D’oh!”

Before we commence, let’s get a few things straight, shall we? We love The Bold and the Beautiful and always root for it to be the best, sharpest show that it can possibly be. We hold in the highest esteem Scott Clifton, an actor so gifted, he could sell us on the most ludicrous of plot twists. (Not for nothing, but his thoughtful online interactions also suggest that he’s as kind as he is funny.) And we know that characters have to make decisions that fall squarely into the category of “bad.”

Poor choices are the gasoline that powers stories.

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But by now we can all agree, can’t we, that Liam has made more than his fair share of dubious moves, from acting on impulse to leading with his mouth rather than either his head or his heart. It’s gotten to the point that if he is presented with two options — say, touch the hot stove or, ya know, don’t do that — we collectively assume that he will burn himself and then, for good measure, run off and have sex with one of his on-again/off-again wives.

For Pete’s sake, he’s a hookup with a masked stranger away from being Brooke!

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We haven’t given up on Liam, though. We can’t do that any more than he can give up on his dream of settling down with Hope. Or Steffy. Or both.

So we’ve compiled a list of all — well, most — of the times that he’s made us face-palm. If only he’d review it before he next takes action, whether he’s inclined to have unprotected sex or seek psychiatric help from loco Taylor, we might get to write a follow-up article titled “How Liam Turned His Life Around and Made Us Forget All About Mannequin-gate.”

Think you can stand to revisit Liam’s boneheaded decisions? Brace yourself, then click on the photo gallery below.