Thomas reformed or not B&B
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Is this Thomas’ redemption story… or is he seizing a golden opportunity?

“You’re telling me I should forgive Liam?!” Hope wasn’t the only one who was a bit blown away by Thomas’ reaction to Liam’s cheating last week on Bold & Beautiful — it was just plain weird. We can’t believe he wasn’t all about saying, “I told you so,” when Liam ran back to Steffy as he predicted, but then it appears he’s undergone a metamorphosis of sorts since his surgery — a kinder, gentler Thomas Forrester has emerged. But is the old Thomas really gone?

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Bold & Beautiful loves to have a character turn on a dime for the sake of a new plot direction, and since he’s come home from the hospital, it’s almost felt as though Thomas received a personality transplant while he was in getting that hematoma tended to. He came out so chill and remorseful that it’s been almost spooky (and downright bizarre when you factor in him living on Brooke’s sofa in a track suit), but when he counseled Hope to forgive her perpetually errant husband, who he loathes, we were truly left asking, “Will the real Thomas please stand up?”

Thomas track suit B&B

New man… or just a new look?

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If the pressure in Thomas’ brain caused his anger and the surgery resolved it, the first thing we need to know is how far does this issue with his head date back? Was it also the reason for his obsession with Hope? If so, it must have been a thing even before he went over the cliff courtesy of Brooke, let alone when he banged his head more recently. If it wasn’t the reason for his obsession, then it’s still a possibility he could become fixated on Hope again… or still is.

Perhaps the brain surgery just gave Thomas a bit more clarity about his approach and Liam’s infidelity gifted him with a golden opportunity. If that’s the case, Thomas urging Hope to forgive Liam may just be another manipulation wherein he’s redeeming himself with his lady love while using a little reverse psychology where her situation is concerned.

Thomas door B&B

Did Thomas spy a golden opportunity? He does look a little villainous in that suit.

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Urging Hope to forgive Liam not only makes Thomas appear to be reformed from obsessing, it frees him from being accused of influencing her decision if Hope decides to end her marriage. Taking it one step further, it opens the door to Hope being with Thomas without it looking like a manipulation on his part. Who else can envision Liam hollering, “Thomas got to Hope!” and everyone protesting, “You’re wrong! Thomas told Hope she should stay with you.” Yeah, that’s how that works.

Thomas is a one woman man, and it’s not hard to imagine him looking really good to Hope if Steffy’s baby turns out to be Liam’s. Now that Thomas is practically a saint, a Hope and Thomas pairing could totally happen.

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Of course, the change in Thomas could be real and enduring. Who would be more surprised than Thomas if, after all of the plotting and obsessing, he ends up landing the woman of his dreams simply by being the best version of himself?

For now, Bold & Beautiful is playing it close to the vest as to what Thomas’ real thoughts and feelings are — is he truly a kinder, gentler Thomas who has finally accepted Hope’s love for Liam? Or is he simply playing the long game and doing an excellent job of it? Perhaps it’s a bit of both — his experiences have humbled him and his remorse is genuine, but he’s still able to see where his newfound connection with Hope could lead if he leans into the good guy, spiritual advisor, and supportive friend routine.

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