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“Hopefully,” she added, “the video makes you laugh.”

On January 23, our illusions were shattered. We had assumed that every moment that Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger spent at home was as blissful and romantic as one of Wyatt’s love scenes on The Bold and the Beautiful. 

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OK, that’s not at all the case. But it still makes for a funny set-up for this article in which we find Kruger, formerly Mac on The Young and the Restless and Eva on The Bold and the Beautiful, sharing a clip that illustrates the differences between our fantasies of what the celebrity marrieds’ lives are like… and the realities. Besides being hilarious, the actress wrote, it’s “also as a reminder that what you see on social media isn’t always what it really is. 

“Remember, people post their highlight reels,” she added. “The best of. Please don’t ever compare yourself, your relationship, your body, your role as a mother, wife, friend to what you see on social.”

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Despite how perfect Brooks and Kruger seem for one another, despite how magnificent their life together appears to be, keep in mind one thing, she cautions: “Nothing is perfect. Everything worth having is hard work.

“I am saying this because someone said that I have the ‘perfect marriage,’” she added. But Brooks “and I work hard at it every single day. It’s far from perfect, but it’s perfect for us. Ya know?”


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Gotcha, Kelly. “Hopefully, the video makes you laugh,” she concluded. If when you watch the clip above, you don’t find yourself at the very least cracking a smile, you might want to have your funny bone checked; there’s a good chance that it’s broken. In the meantime, you might want to check out the below photo gallery, an album full of photos of Bold & Beautiful stars and their real-life partners.