Flo, Summer meeting B&B
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Sally’s sins pale in comparison to Felony Flo’s.

No one can blame Summer Newman for wanting to get the goods on Sally Spectra, after all, the redhead confided in Theo Vanderway that she wants the Young & Restless character’s job and hinted she wasn’t above making a play for her man if it helps her get it. Cue Summer and Kyle jetting off to Sally’s old stomping grounds to see what kind of dirt Summer might be able to dig up on her would-be rival, and meeting none other than Sally’s ex-fiance Wyatt Spencer, and his girlfriend, Flo Fulton.

While the animosity between Sally and Summer seemed to develop overnight, nonetheless, we love a good rivalry and Summer getting some not-so-flattering background information as an insurance policy to use against Sally should she need it is kind of fun and definitely builds anticipation as to what kind of messiness could develop between the two in the future.

With that said, we’d prefer Summer to get the lowdown on Sally from just about anyone other than Flo.

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For Young & Restless viewers not in the know, Flo has a history herself, and Sally’s misdeeds pale in comparison. You see, when Wyatt’s high school sweetheart first arrived on Bold & Beautiful she participated in a baby switch that saw her receive a payout of $50,000 to pretend to be the mother of an infant that was to be adopted in a shifty scheme. The doctor she was working for had told Hope Logan and Liam Spencer that their baby died (she hadn’t), and had Flo offer her up for adoption to an unwitting Steffy Forrester.

While Hope and Liam mourned their loss, Steffy bonded with the child. Flo figured out the truth early on but kept mum for months on end. When it all came out, Flo was let off the hook for jail time and was forgiven by Wyatt, despite the fact that she’d let his brother believe his baby was dead for the better part of a year.

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Regardless of repeated attempts to redeem Felony Flo, including having her donate a kidney to save her aunt’s life, fans tended to root for Sally, who constantly seemed to get the short end of the stick in life and love.
Flo tied radiator B&B

Sure, Sally tied her to a radiator, but Flo should be all about second chances.

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When Sally faked a terminal illness to try and hold onto Wyatt after he went back to Flo for the second time, Flo committed another crime — reading confidential medical records — in an effort to expose her rival. It worked, and Sally’s ruse came to light, but not before she and her doctor knocked Flo over the head and held her captive briefly.

In the end, Wyatt and Flo decided Sally should leave town. She did, and ended up in Genoa City, not being entirely honest about exactly why she needed a fresh start.

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While secrets always come out on soap operas, it’s just not appealing to have a character like Flo playing the victim to divulge Sally’s. The idea that she would take steps to make Sally suffer further consequences when she paid no price at all for her own more serious transgressions, is particularly galling, but after Flo teasing dirt on Sally mere minutes after meeting Summer, that appears to be exactly what will happen.

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