Liam, Finn showdown B&B
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Are we about to see male mannequins flying through the air on Bold & Beautiful?

A New Rivalry

We’ve seen Wyatt tell Liam off, but they’re brothers so it’s really more chastising him and then moving on. It’s been super satisfying to see Thomas call out Liam on his waffling between Hope and Steffy, but Thomas has too many transgressions of his own, so it’s too easy for Liam to brush him off. Finn, on the other hand, could be the new rival for Liam we’ve all been waiting for — one who is in the perfect position to dole out a reality check.

Getting Read the Riot Act

After so many years of the dreaded triangle, wreaking havoc on Steffy and Hope’s lives, and Liam’s disturbing double standards when it comes to infidelity, we just can’t wait to hear Liam get the tongue-lashing he so richly deserves. Finn has more than a leg to stand on and has already proven he’s not intimidated by the flip-flopper’s ramblings, so bring it on!

Flipping the Script

We’re thrilled Finn’s finally getting a chance to get his own back from Liam, who treated him terribly when he first arrived on the scene. Liam made unfounded accusations about the good doctor out of jealousy, and this is Finn’s opportunity to point that out. We hope he goes one step further and lobs some accusations of his own. After all, we know that on some level Liam cheated and confessed because he couldn’t stand the idea of Steffy being with someone new.
Finn, Liam tables turn B&B

Remember when Liam came for Finn? Oh, how the tables turn…

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Much-Needed Perspective

Perhaps after a showdown with Liam, and seeing firsthand how he defends his actions or tries to emotionally manipulate the situation to excuse himself, Finn will get some much-needed perspective on the guy. Knowing what he’s dealing with should help him to decide how to proceed in the future. Will he continue his relationship with Steffy now having the full measure of his competition, or decide not to pursue a future with her upon realizing he’ll never truly be rid of her ex?

Let’s Get Physical

Finn and Liam’s confrontation could easily turn physical and seeing how Brad Bell and company manage to make that happen given social distancing restrictions could be very entertaining. We’re picturing everything from male mannequins flying through the air to Finn snatching the inflammatory portrait of Liam and Steffy off the wall, brandishing it with bared teeth, and smashing it down over Liam’s head. Imagine Steffy’s shock if she walked in on Liam seeing stars with the picture of their love around his neck. We’re sure Finn would have regrets… for Kelly’s sake. But, wow, wouldn’t it be great?

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