Liam, Hope double-standard B&B
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Because seriously, we are losing our [bleep] over here.

Liam has spent the last week or two ranting to Steffy about what led to their one-night stand, asking idiotic questions along the line of “How did this happen?” when referring to her pregnancy, and explaining why they should come clean with their significant others — in a nutshell, his guilt. But as he delivered his viewpoint — over and over again — a disturbingly hypocritical theme emerged, and while Steffy hasn’t called him out on it, now that we’re on the verge of his confession to Hope, we hope the soap gods will see to it that Hope does…

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When Liam thought he saw Hope kissing Thomas (he was actually macking on her doppelganger mannequin), rather than confront the situation, he ran off, directly to Steffy’s house. Upon arriving, and before Steffy had even sliced the limes for the tequila, Liam declared that his marriage to Hope was done, over, kaput. He paced, gesticulated, and proclaimed that there would be no coming back from such a heinous act.

Steffy listens to Liam B&B

A double-standard emerged as Liam rehashed the situation with Steffy over and over again.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Given that he saw his marriage as really most sincerely dead on account of his wife kissing someone else, that, along with the aforementioned cocktails, was enough to have him hopping into bed (or onto the sofa) with his ex-wife, without so much as a text message to Hope before doing the deed.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, and Liam is the cheater, there seems to be a whole different set of criteria for the end of that same marriage. He’s relatively certain that if he just comes clean, Hope will absorb the shock, and once she gets over the worst of the hurt, will forgive him and they will remain married. Liam’s speech is sure to be full of heartfelt reminders of all they’ve weathered before, and how, together, they can overcome anything. Funny, how he believes they can survive him having sex with his ex, but not her kissing Thomas.

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To recap, if Liam’s wife cheats, the marriage is over, but if Liam is the one who commits an indiscretion, his wife will hopefully suck it up, work toward forgiveness, and carry on with the marriage. Sure, Liam cops to what he did being wrong, but you can tell he thinks it’s a little bit justified because, well, Thomas was involved… and it was a misunderstanding. Yet there was no reason he could fathom that might make their marriage salvageable if Hope had slipped up.

These hypocritical double-standards are not uncommon on Bold & Beautiful, but drive fans mad, and this one deserves to be called out.

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