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B&B Breakdown for the week of November 2.

This seemed to be the week of change on B&B. There were new jobs, new attitudes, a new character and possibly new couples.

New Career Paths

Donna continued her new hosting job on “The Catwalk,” which didn’t exactly go so well this week, as photographer Brio was apparently a total bore. Paging Pamela Douglas! Even though she didn’t hit it out of the park this week, she loves her new gig, but her husband isn’t exactly onboard. I get why he would have reservations about her working with both Justin and Bill, but the scene where Eric declared he didn’t want his wife doing “The Catwalk,” taking her hand and leading her off as if she were a child was so condescending. I wish Donna would have spoken up or pulled him aside instead of looking like a scolded little girl who dutifully followed her daddy out.

Steffy also garnered herself a new position at Forrester: head of PR. Bill’s giving promotions out like hotcakes over there, with no experience needed apparently. I’m not entirely sure why her concept or execution of the Hollywood campaign was so brilliant, as The Forrester photo shoots seem to all be the same of the Logan sisters, just in different outfits, but apparently Bill was wowed. I am glad to see Steffy taking some control in her life though and have some real purpose. I just wonder if she’s getting in over her head.

Attitude Adjustment

Even though Eric went off the grid in his protest against Bill taking over his company, Ridge seems to be coming around. In most part because his daughter will now be directly affected if he doesn’t produce top quality designs, but whatever his reasons, it’s making for some interesting dynamics. I much prefer the clam, Zen-like Ridge and loved that he made Katie’s dress out of his love for Brooke.