Hope, Liam love story collage B&B
Credit: Sean Smith, Howard Wise/JPI

It’s been a non-stop uphill battle for beleaguered lovebirds Liam and Hope.

When Hope first set eyes on nerdy-but-hot computer tech Liam Cooper, she sweetly helped him solve the mystery of his paternity, and in the process fell in love. Having already experienced disappointment in her young romantic life after mother, Brooke, inadvertently had sex with her boyfriend, Oliver, at a masked party, Liam looked like a good prospect for starting over. She had no idea of the road ahead…

Beginning with Liam’s father Bill’s disapproval of their relationship, it’s been a non-stop uphill battle for the lovebirds, whose numerous attempts to settle down and get married were persistently sabotaged, sometimes by others and sometimes by themselves. Miscommunications, pride, parents… you name it, something or someone was always getting in the way.

The prevailing theme throughout, however, has been the dreaded triangle involving Hope, Liam, and Steffy, which rears its head on the regular and has lasted for years and years despite other partners, moves overseas, and babies.

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In fact, Hope and Liam, who have been blissfully happy with their little family that includes Beth and Douglas, are headed down that angst-y, heartbreaking road once again. Liam, mistakenly believing he saw Hope kissing Thomas, ended up having a drunken one-night stand with Steffy. He’s consumed with guilt and the secret is on the brink of coming out one way or another any day now.

Will Hope and Liam be able to weather this latest storm? Or will they part ways again as they have so many times in the past? It all remains to be seen.

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