Liam lying, Hope, Steffy B&B
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Are Liam’s reasons for coming clean as altruistic as they seem?

The more Liam spirals, the more we have to wonder what’s really going on with him. After having flip-flopped between Hope and Steffy what feels like dozens of times, and apparently learning nothing, he’s ready to blow up everyone’s lives yet again. But are his motives murkier than just wanting to clear his conscience and be honest?

Liam’s position on the pedestal is based on him not wanting to be seen as a bad guy. But isn’t he exactly that if he’s willing to devastate Hope and ruin Steffy’s life simply so he can somehow feel better? Worse, he’ll do this while telling both women how much he loves them. It’s not only twisted but the epitome of selfish. He’s certainly coming across like he’s thinking of no one other than himself in all of this.

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We’re also calling his supposedly altruistic motives into question as it seems he doesn’t even truly blame himself. How many times has he chirped about seeing Thomas kissing the mannequin being the catalyst for what happened? It’s Thomas’ fault you cheated and had sex with Steffy? Really?!
Thomas constant reminder B&B

Liam seems to blame Thomas ‘constant reminder’ Forrester for everything these days.

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We have to wonder if Liam’s melodramatic protestations about the guilt eating him alive from the inside out are really just a cover, sub-consciously or not, for the fact that deep down he wants this secret to come out. Why else would you be shouting about it in Forrester Creations and in your own home? Hear us out…

Well before Liam saw Thomas kissing anyone (or anything as the case may be) it was clear he was having trouble adjusting to the idea of Steffy moving on with Finn. His insistence on outing their tryst would torpedo that nicely and maybe even give him the option to flip — or flop — back into her life again. He may not consciously be doing this because he wants Steffy back, but you can bet on your life he’ll be knocking at her door if Hope throws him out.
Steffy shut up Liam B&B

Liam, just shut the hell up!

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Liam seems unable to stay with either of these women for very long, and however much he denies it, always wants the one he’s not with to be semi-available to him. Or maybe he’s just addicted to chaos. Either way it’s past time he faces up to it all. Particularly given his penchant for ranting self-righteously about others. Bottom line: It’s time Hope and Steffy both kick Liam to the curb. We don’t have a lot of faith that the storyline will go that way, but it sure would be satisfying if it did.

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