scott clifton chris pratt
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI, Maidment/Walt Disney Studios/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

It was a General Hospital ingenue who first noticed the resemblance.

Earlier this month, General Hospital star Eden McCoy (Josslyn) had a revelation: “I’m probs super late to this observation,” she began (although we hadn’t realized it until she did), “and I might delete this tweet, but whoa, Chris Pratt and Scott Clifton could be twins.”

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In fact, they could be. Just look at the photo above. Always game for a bit of fun, Clifton took the bait and ran with it. “We divvied up our talents in the womb,” he joked. “He got the raptor-training and galaxy-guarding; I got the long, wistful stares.”

But seriously, if the Emmy winner were called upon to step in for the matinee idol and do some galaxy-guarding, he’d know just what his superpower would be. Heck, he even had an idea of the way the scene would play out.

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“Help, Starlord!” he imagined a distressed civilian crying out. “Someone is wrong on the Internet!”

“I’m on it,” he rplied… then ordered pizza and started typing furiously. (It’s actually funnier if you read it in his own script format below.)

No doubt, Clifton has been happy to have a little distraction from recent on-screen goings-on that have left him as frustrated as the Bold & Beautiful audience with his alter ego, Liam. After Hope’s husband mistook Thomas’ mannequin for his missus and reacted to their make-out session by getting drunk and hooking up with former spouse Steffy, he admitted to his followers that “of course I want to choke Liam as much as y’all do. He’s become a terrible person.

“But,” he hastened to add, “my job is to find a way to motivate and humanize Liam’s choices.”

And hey, whether you like Liam’s choices, you have to admit that his portrayer does a bang-up job of selling them on air. Now then, while you’re here, why not carry on seeing double — or doubles, as the case may be — by perusing the below photo gallery of soap stars and their real-life lookalikes.