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To quote a song by the late, great Whitney Houston, “It’s not right, but it’s OK.”

If fans of The Bold and the Beautiful want to be mad at Liam for his drunken hookup with ex-wife Steffy, that’s fine by us. Heck, it’s even fine by his portrayer, Scott Clifton, who’s admitted that he wouldn’t mind throttling the waffler himself.

But to turn on Steffy? Uh-uh. No. You’re gonna wanna take all the steps back, and here’s why.

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Liam has always been Steffy’s kryptonite, her Achilles’ heel, her fatal flaw. Yes, even if his sweet talk is as groan-worthy as “Ya know, I’ve never not loved you,” yes, she’s gonna fall for it. She can no more resist him than we can resist a second piece of pie or a fourth drink. That’s just a fact of life, a given. Everyone needs oxygen, and Steffy wants Liam.

These, friends, are just fundamental truths.

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“I know, Steffy. I know. You should see what they’ve been saying about me.”

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Who’s the Other Man in This Scenario?

Here’s where things get tricky, but c’mon, buckle up and stay with us: Steffy’s enduring love and desire for Kelly’s father in no way diminishes her feelings for Finn. They have, not to put too fine a point on it, nothing to do with Finn. Liam long ago laid claim to a part of Steffy’s heart that she just ain’t getting back.

The rest of it, however, she has given to her hot doctor boyfriend.

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That being the case, Steffy 100-percent meant it when she warned Liam that he’d be “putting my relationship with Finn in jeopardy” if he came clean to wife Hope about their tryst. “And I love him. We’re in a good place.”

bb tanner novlan finn cbs screenshot

“Cheat? Who would cheat on this face?”

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Torn Between Two Lovers? Not Even!

Understandably, the audience wondered — loudly — how on earth Steffy could say that she and Finn were in “a good place” when she’d just freaking betrayed the poor schmuck. But the truth is, they were. They still are.

You can cheat on a diet and still be doing well on it overall. Just because you’ve sworn off dessert doesn’t mean you’ll never again steal an illicit (Hershey’s) kiss.

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So should this blast from Steffy’s past really derail her future? No. Liam is merely a part of her history that… well, sometimes repeats.

Hope mannequin wasn't me B&B

“Will no one take into consideration Fauxpe’s feelings?”

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Extenuating Circumstances

It’s only right to see red when you look at Hope’s husband. He so readily and willingly assumed the worst of her and left what he thought was the love of his life in the company of someone that he feared was dangerous. It was appalling.

But when you look at Steffy, you ought to see not only an altogether different hue but the product of her upbringing.

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Her entire life, you’ll recall, Kelly’s mom watched her own mother Taylor ride a marry-go-round with Ridge. Whether or not it was her year to be with him, she wanted him as badly as we do a nap. So to Steffy, it’s normal to make yourself available to a man who regularly throws you over for someone else (in Ridge’s case, Brooke).

That, to Steffy, is what true, unconditional love is.

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Mind you, that’s also super sad, beyond wack and some weak-ass parenting on the part of Steffy’s folks. But you nonetheless can’t discount the impact of Taylor and Ridge’s modeled behavior.

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“Goodbye, Taylor. I’ll be in touch next time I’m lonely or Brooke’s in one of her moods.”

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[Bleep] Happens

We’re with the fans who argue that Steffy shouldn’t have been drinking with Liam. She’d only been out of rehab for what? Five minutes? But then again, she was only a junkie for a few weeks and in rehab for, like, a day. So maybe in Bold & Beautiful time, that’s the equivalent of her having been clean and sober for years.

Regardless, there was alcohol involved, which isn’t in and of itself an excuse. But mixed with moonlight as well as Steffy’s greatest weakness — Liam and his waffling puppy-dog eyes — what chance did she have of doing the sensible thing and explaining that the door through which he entered also worked terrifically as an exit? None — that’s what chance she had.

So Steffy made a mistake. It happens. We’re willing to cut her some slack, and we can only hope that if Finn finds out, he’ll do the same. Hey, if Ridge could forgive and forget the fact that Brooke couldn’t tell she was shtupping Hope’s high-school boyfriend just because he was wearing a mask, anything can be written off as an “oops.”

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What do you think, readers? Taking all of this into consideration, does Steffy really have to be raked over the coals for… well, doing what comes naturally to her when she’s around Liam? Hit the comments with your thoughts, and if you’re not steamed enough for one day, check out the below photo gallery of soaps’ all-time greatest couples. One entry or another is sure to outrage you.