Credit: ( is green with envy for the lucky soap fans that are planning to set sail in November on a Carnival Cruise in the Caribbean with all of our favorite stars!
Bold and the Beautiful Editor, Julie Clark Robinson, may not be reaching for her passport but she did have a lovely conversation the other day with Winsor Harmon about his upcoming voyage. Here’s a peak at how he feels about his trip!

JCR: Have you ever taken a cruise before?
WH: I’ve never been on a cruise ship in my life. I have seen Titanic several times, though.
(Winsor jokes a little about being nervous about being in the middle of the ocean on a ship. Julie points out that it’s not like they’ll be traveling between New York and London, they’ll be in the middle a bunch of tiny islands off of Florida! Winsor jokes, “I’ll be able to see shore, right?”)

JCR: What are you most looking forward to on this cruise?
WH: The time off.

JCR: Between the meet and greet & photograph sessions, cocktail parties and various activities, you KNOW that the fans won’t be able to get enough of you � they will all be the biggest of soap fans, I’m sure. What are your feelings about that?
WH: I’m looking forward to it. It’s always interesting to hear what the fans have to say.

JCR: Ronn Moss (Ridge) is coming along, too. Do you think you two will hang out together when you’re not meeting fans, or will you each do your own thing?
WH: We’ll hang out together, for sure.