Thomas unconscious B&B
Credit: CBS screenshot

Thomas’ seizures continue to worsen as his brain swells.

In the preview for Bold & Beautiful the week of December 7 – 11, Thomas’ family, friends, and enemies, gather as things look bleak for the Forrester. Thomas finds himself hooked up to all sorts of machines after collapsing last week in front of Hope. Finn became concerned when Hope told him that Thomas had been having headaches after hitting his head. Both Finn and Hope separately checked on Thomas, and Hope was stunned to find him arguing with the Hope mannequin, who he said had been telling him to do horrible things.

To make the situation worse, Liam mistakenly thought Thomas and Hope were making out when he saw Thomas kissing who he thought was Hope, but it was the mannequin. Liam vented to Steffy, the two got drunk and wound up having sex. Both regretted their mistake, though Liam felt Hope had betrayed their marriage first. Imagine his shock when he learned it was the mannequin, not Hope, that he witnessed Thomas kissing. Not only did Liam cheat on Hope, but Steffy cheated on Finn, the doctor who is now working to save her brother’s life.

This week, Finn delivers news to Ridge, Steffy, Liam and Hope that Thomas’ condition is worsening and he needs surgery. They ask the doctor to be straight with them about his chances.

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Video: CBS/YouTube