Liam broken B&B
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Liam’s about to get an eyeful at Thomas’ apartment and it just might put him over the edge.

Let’s face it, Liam has been coming across as slightly unhinged for weeks now. Not so much to viewers, who are all too well aware that he’s correct about something being off with Thomas, but to other characters such as Finn, Steffy, and Hope, who aren’t seeing the same red flags that Liam’s Spence-y senses are picking up on. But it’s all about to get much worse when Liam finds out Hope and Douglas are having dinner with Thomas and he makes his way over to the apartment to deal with the matter…

While Thomas is struggling increasingly with hallucinations surrounding the Hope mannequin he’s shacked up with, which has told him to commit murder and recently began walking and declaring its love, he’s been working overtime to conceal the harrowing unreality of it all from those around him and doing a pretty good job of it. When Liam barreled into his apartment and flipped out upon finding Hope Too, Thomas deftly blew him off by explaining that — of course — he only had the mannequin there for designing purposes. Cue Liam running to Hope and Steffy to spout off about the latest development, only to be incredulous when they found the explanation satisfactory.

Thomas cracking up B&B

Thomas is no dummy, but will he make a critical error?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Liam spiraled a little more when he learned that Hope had taken Thomas over to the cabin for a visit with Douglas, and arrived in time to find out it went so well that the kid wanted Thomas to move in with them. Oops. Still unable to convince Hope or Steffy that there was anything wrong, he agreed to give Thomas the benefit of the doubt where his son was concerned, but not so much with Hope.

That brings us to the Bold & Beautiful spoilers, which tease that Liam will get an eyeful when he shows up at a dinner Thomas is hosting for Hope and Douglas. We have a feeling that Thomas will have trouble keeping Hope and Hope Too separate in his mind, so if the evening goes swimmingly, he might cross a line by turning amorous. If Liam walks in on Thomas and Hope Too in a compromising position, knowing Hope had gone over there, and believes he’s seeing his wife, all hell’s bound to break loose. Even if he realizes it’s the mannequin it’s the red flag of all red flags, we’ll give him that.

Who knows on who or to what extent Liam will go ballistic, but you know he absolutely will. That brings us to the question of what will happen if Hope continues to take Thomas’ side. If Liam is still unable to convince his wife that Thomas is dangerous, will he begin to gravitate toward Steffy once again? It is, after all, his M.O. and honestly, we’ve been seeing more of Liam and Steffy than Finn and Steffy, and a Liam and Finn rivalry was teased at one point. Or will Liam find himself alone and misunderstood after his spectacular blow-up when no one will believe him? Of course, Thomas’ troubles will eventually be exposed and Liam will be proven right as usual, but we can dream.

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