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She never imagined being paid to kiss her husband.

We’ve definitely picked out scenes in which actors have been feigning kisses with mannequins on The Bold and the Beautiful, including Lawrence Saint-Victor, who, as Carter Walton, has wrapped his arms around a Zoe doll more than once. However, Saint-Victor revealed that his real-life wife, Shay, has been tapped to make kissing scenes more realistic, something the show has done with other actors’ partners in the past.

When asked by Inside Edition if she ever, in her 13 years of marriage to the actor, imagined being paid to kiss him, Shay Saint-Victor, who shares an adorable two-year-old son, Christian, with her husband, laughed, “Not really. I never thought that that would happen.”

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Kiara Barnes, who plays Carter’s love interest, Zoe, thinks bringing in a real-life partner for intimate scenes is a good thing. She stated, “I like it. I think it makes it a little more realistic, you know; it’s really hard to work with a mannequin.” We can only imagine how awkward it must be sharing a close scene with an inanimate object, at least if you’re not doing it openly like Matthew Atkinson, who as Thomas, is setting up house with the Hope-doll… but that’s another story.

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In what was presumably a nod to the technical Olympics that must have to happen to make the intimate scenes flow when you’re substituting in one person — or doll — for another person, Saint-Victor confided, “The kiss was easy. Everything before the kiss was difficult.” The actor shared a snippet of the segment on his Instagram account and remarked, “Our team here @boldandbeautifulcbs worked really hard to come back and come back safely. Thanks to all the spouses who jumped in to help tell our story.”

Other actors on the show who have had their significant others or spouses act as stand-ins for their love interests include Denise Richards’ husband, Aaron Phypers, who doubled for Ridge, Tanner Novlan’s wife, Kayla Ewell, a Bold & Beautiful alum herself, filled in as Steffy, Katherine Kelly Lang’s partner, Dominic Zoida, appeared as another Ridge double, and Katrina Bowden’s husband, Ben Jorgensen, stood in as Wyatt.

Kudos to The Bold and the Beautiful for their innovation and efforts to keep the love in the afternoon onscreen. Watch the full video from Inside Edition below.

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