Shauna, Quinn break up B&B
Credit: CBS screenshot

Two women. One man. This is gonna get ugly!

With the discovery that Shauna had been staying in the Forrester guest house and having fireside chats with Eric, it took only seconds before Quinn went ballistic on her lifelong friend. Quinn accused Shauna of not being a good friend, ordered her to put in a good word with Eric for her, and then pack and get out. Cut to Shauna being told to stay by Eric then looking up thoughtfully at Quinn’s portrait hanging on the wall. The besties sure look headed for a break-up, and the scenario had fans of The Bold and the Beautiful debating which of the two was truly a bad BFF…

Some feel that Quinn’s rush to judgement about Shauna’s living arrangements and her, erm, approach, to addressing the matter were unbecoming of a best friend. Soaps reader QueenSteph posted in our message boards of Quinn, “She’s been ordering Shauna around for months, and the second she sees Shauna at the mansion, she turns on her and is vile. If I were Shauna, I’d tell her to go to where the sun don’t shine. I wouldn’t want a friend who is only my friend when she wants me to do something bad to serve her own interests. Or to bite my head off when it blows up. Or accuses me of making a play for her husband.”

Another user, Cricket, noted, “Quinn is a maniac when she thinks she is losing the life that she truly hasn’t appreciated from the beginning. Instead of asking Shauna nicely to help her try win Eric back, she lashed out at her with such distrust you would have only for a mortal enemy.” She could also see things getting ugly. “If Shauna doesn’t leave, Quinn may burn the house down.” A Bold & Beautiful fan from Twitter agreed that Quinn doesn’t seem to know how to honor a friendship when the going gets tough:

On the other side of the debate, some didn’t think Shauna was being a loyal pal to Quinn, who had tried to help her out with Ridge, even if her hatred of Brooke played a role. Soaps reader, Honnydip observed, “Quinn didn’t hold a gun to her head forcing her to do anything. So watching her bounce down those steps plucked a serious nerve with me.”

Another fan from the message board, Happens, also took Shauna to task; “I hope she stops freeloading off Quinn’s husband. If Shauna proves she’s no friend of Quinn’s then I hope Quinn shows Shauna what happens to someone who double crosses her.” In a more pointed statement on Shauna being a bad BFF, user Scrappie pointed out, “With a friend like Shauna who needs enemies?” A Bold & Beautiful viewer on Twitter went so far as to say she feels bad for Quinn as she can imagine what’s coming:

Another contingent of Bold & Beautiful fans got in on the conversation, but rather than support Team Quinn or Team Shauna, came out clearly on Team Drama. Message board user Starkllr remarked, “If they want Shauna to turn on her friend and try to steal Eric, cool. That’s drama. But give Denise Richards some meaty, over-the-top material to do it with, not this quiet, low-key stuff they’ve got her doing now,” while KKlbab12 mused, “I could see Shauna and Quinn going toe to toe. I could also see Bridge endorsing it. Shauna has many qualities Quinn does not.”

The writing seems to be on the wall for not only a Quinn and Shauna rivalry, but also a love triangle involving Eric, if Shauna eyeballing the portrait is anything to go by.

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