Diamond White, join B&B Paris Buckingham
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Would The Bold and the Beautiful’s Paris go after her own sister’s man?

The writing is on the wall for perpetually unlucky in love Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful as Zoe began fishing for information on Zende’s relationship status and flirting with him from the moment he walked through the door of Forrester Creations. With Zende having made his move on Zoe via text, it’s only a matter of time before these two hook up… but will it be smooth sailing aside from the awkwardness of Zoe ditching the COO for the hot, upcoming designer? We think not, and here’s why…

After a snap conversation with a shockingly out-of-character Julius, who provided the plot device equivalent of a ‘thumbs up’ to Zende moving on from his daughter, Nicole, the new Hope for the Future designer texted Zoe and asked her not to move too fast with Carter and to come and meet him. Zoe, of course, was at Carter’s new loft, where the poor guy envisions them living together and living happily ever after, and was on the proverbial hot seat, aka, his sofa, where he was ready to take things to ‘the next level’.

Something tells us Zoe will make an excuse to leave Carter’s place early, and honestly, more than a few women would run from that kind of intensity regardless, and go off to meet Zende. Sparks have been flying between the two, who follow one another on social media, and have established their mutual admiration wiling away hours in the design office sharing dreams and, let’s not forget, serenades.

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The Bold and the Beautiful has been positively racing through storylines since the return from shutdown, but with the news that Zoe’s sister is set to arrive, we think there is more conflict on the horizon for Zoe and Zende.

As we know all too well, Zoe’s relatives tend to be problematic, an understatement when it comes to her father Reese, and it’s likely that Paris will follow suit. Given we’ve never heard Zoe talk about her sister, let alone gush about her, it’s a safe guess they don’t have a perfect relationship.

With Paris being an attractive female in the appropriate age range it’s downright predictable that a little sibling rivalry is set to take place between Paris and Zoe… and what, or who, better to fight over than a sexy designer with game — and the Forrester name — like Zende? It’s not like we haven’t seen it before, and Zende’s certainly no stranger to the way sisters play considering his history with Nicole and Sasha.

Will Zoe find herself facing some competition if she dumps Carter for Zende? It’s a good bet, and some may feel vindicated if Zoe gets pushed aside by Zende in favor of her own sister with her history of keeping the Baby Beth secret.

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