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B&B Breakdown for the week of October 26.

I was so happy Owen told Jackie he didn’t want kids if it meant he couldn’t be with her. Thank God! Not only was it sweet and reassuring about this couple that I like, but I don’t want to see them have kids because A) It’s not what Jackie wants at all and B) It doesn’t really fit Owen’s character, in my opinion. Besides, according to the spoilers (skip this part if you don’t want to know what’s to come) Bridget and Nick will be going down the path of using a surrogate and we don’t need more than one couple dealing with baby issues right now. I just hope Jackie and Owen get back to be the sexy fun couple they started out as.

As for Nick and Bridget, I felt really bad when Bridget told Nick she couldn’t carry a baby to term, but I thought Nick was the one to watch during those scenes. Even though I thought he was a bit harsh on Bridget, I understood why he wouldn’t want to risk her life by trying to conceive. I felt his anguish over what happened in the past and totally got why he just wanted to enjoy what he has in his life right now. Of course, Nick could have suggested an alternative to Bridget getting pregnant, such as adoption or surrogacy, instead of just telling her he wants no part of it, but otherwise it was good stuff.

Bill’s takeover of FC is continuing to entertain me. I’m enjoying Ridge’s torment over it and loved that Brooke tried to buy the company back for him by liquidating all of her assets. It was a totally loving and selfless gesture on her part, but best of all, it’s giving Ridge and Brooke an obstacle to overcome other than a third party coming between them. It’s nice to see couples sticking together while struggling to prevail.

The Logans are completely in charge now that Throne and Ridge decided to pass on being President and Vice President of Forrester. I thought Felicia and Eric should have been in that meeting though. Maybe Felicia would have relished the opportunity to finally get some power over there and I suspect she would have some pretty good chemistry with Dollar Bill.