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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

All of us animal lovers understand, Don.

As he often is, The Bold and the Beautiful leading man Don Diamont (Bill) was on social media on October 19. But it wasn’t just a case of him cheering on the Lakers or sharing a gorgeous selfie with wife Cindy Ambuehl. He had something weighing on his chest that had to finally come off.

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“I’ve posted a couple pictures recently with our granddogs,” he wrote on Instagram. “A lot of you were asking in comments about our dog, Tessa. Today would have been her 15th birthday, but she passed away about a month ago.

“I was too brokenhearted to post anything,” he continued. “She was my birthday present from Cindy and definitely the best birthday present I ever got! She was incredibly idiosyncratic, smart, athletic and loved her ball!!!”

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Needless to say, her absence in the Diamont household is keenly felt. “Tessa is sorely missed!” said Diamont. In his tribute to his four-legged family member, “I’ve included the last picture I took with her and a few videos that I posted previously, which have some of her talents on full display. RIP, girley.”

Sigh. Any of us who have loved and lost a pet will relate to what Diamont and Ambuehl are going through. Before we start admitting that our eyes aren’t wet because of allergies, maybe we could all distract ourselves with the below photo gallery, which contemplates a sampler platter of Bold & Beautiful men — including Diamont’s Bill — from whom the suddenly-single Shauna might choose her next love.