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Before you react, hear us out. Or whatever the reading equivalent of hearing us out is. Read us out? In any case…

On paper, it probably looks like The Bold and the Beautiful doesn’t have a more mismatched potential couple than Liam and Shauna. He’s the Mr. Nice Guy who has two and only two modes: “I love Hope” and “I love Steffy.” Shauna’s the free-spirited conniver who once prolonged the period of time that he believed his daughter with Hope was wearing angel wings and not Pampers. But at a fast-approaching strange, strange moment in time, they are going to be perfect for one another.

Shauna’s day-to-day has already imploded, owing to the harebrained scheme into which she let BFF Quinn talk her. At this point, if the blonde bombshell’s persona was any more non grata around L.A., her face would adorn an “unwanted” poster in the post-office lobby.

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Liam is hurtling toward a similar fate, thanks to his insistence on casting himself as a buttinsky in the life of former wife Steffy. He’s ticking her off as well as her new beau Finn and his own missus, Hope. When eventually they all show him the door, and lock it behind him, he’ll be on unfamiliar terrain: with no place to turn. Usually, if one of the women between whom he ping-pongs dumps him, he just turns to the other. But if they both shut him out… yikes!

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Who better to understand what Liam would be going through than Shauna, the potential cougar who can no longer enter a room without hearing whispers of “What is she doing here?” The odd couple could start off commiserating and wind up shocking themselves — and many a viewer — by not only falling into bed but falling in love. Steffy and Hope would blow a gasket. Ridge and Brooke would accuse Shauna of preying on another vulnerable male. Bill would just chuckle at his chip off the ol’ block. And Quinn, given her past with Liam, would find herself at a loss for words. At least until she thought to shout, “Are you [bleeping] kidding me?!?”

Mind you, Liam isn’t the only Bold & Beautiful fella with whom we could see Shauna connecting. Click on the photo gallery below, and we’ll review a whole bunch more options. Hey, when ya look like Denise Richards, the dating pool is more like an ocean!