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Should fans worry about the new guy in Steffy’s life?

The Bold and the Beautiful viewers were long past ready for someone new to arrive on the scene and sweep Steffy off her feet, and the prospect of seeing Liam get his just desserts after so many years of flip-flopping shamelessly between her and Hope has many pulling out the popcorn and bouncing in their seats with anticipation. Finn is not only easy on the eyes, but he’s got his life together. After all, he’s a doctor who owns a house, and knows how to keep his cool — what’s not to like? But is he as nice a guy as he seems? There have been teeny hints that all may not be as it seems with the good doctor, and his portrayer, Tanner Novlan, had a few things to say about his character in that regard…

First, let’s look at the signs. Those paying close attention will have noticed the subtle but spine-tingling music cue that played in the background as Finn stared at the portrait of Steffy and Liam in her house while she was in the nursery with Kelly. This is typically a hint of ill-intentions or something to worry about. Novlan addressed the portrait in a recent Instagram live and teased, “Maybe Finn will throw it in the fireplace!” Okay, if that’s all that pesky music cue was about we’ll be relieved.

Finn also went behind Liam’s back to have Kelly brought to the house, sending the waffler into yet another spiral, which on the surface is just straight up satisfying, but could also be a glimpse into how he operates (no pun intended). Of his character’s true nature, Novlan mused, “I think everyone in this world might have a dark side that we get to explore. We’re still getting to know Finn, and he definitely loves Steffy.”

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Okay, so he loves her (that was fast!), but what if he’s actually obsessed with her? What if we were to find out this wasn’t the first time he became fixated on a patient? The actor explained, “We’ll get to know more and more of his background.” He then went on to add, “Because he doesn’t have a history, we can get really creative with him. Really, the sky’s the limit.” Liam’s line to Finn, “If that’s a problem, then maybe you should find another patient to date,” could also have been a hint — albeit a backward one — that Finn has a past when it comes to doctor/patient relations, or maybe we’re too fresh off Thomas’ obsession with Hope and are seeing things that aren’t there.

But wait! Consider this: time and again we’ve seen Liam begin ranting and raving about something concerning and no one will listen to him, but in the end he’s always proven right; for us that’s another big heads-up about what may be ahead with Finn. There was definitely a dark-ish music cue when the two squared off in Steffy’s living room, which felt like foreshadowing; perhaps just of a rivalry, or maybe of something more sinister. As a final tease, Novlan confessed, “I was surprised by some of what’s coming up!”

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