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“I was the one who had to kiss a mannequin!” 

Watching The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Tanner Novlan interact, you can instantly tell how well Steffy and Finn’s portrayers get along… and not just because both hail from Canada. During their recent Instagram live chat with fans, they were constantly laughing even while spilling the tea on everything from that steamy kiss Steffy and Finn shared (without their portrayers ever touching lips) to the storylines each of them would love to see play out down the line.

“You’re doing such a great job,” Wood told her new co-star, admitting it’s tough when jumping into a new show. “There’s so much dialogue to learn, and on top of that, you have to learn the history” of the characters. In fact, she admitted to only recently having forgotten a rather significant tie her character shares to another newbie. “I was playing a scene with Zende, and Steffy was sort of flirting with him,” she recalls, joking that Finn shouldn’t be jealous. “Hey, Delon [de Metz] is a good-lookin’ guy!” Novlan acknowledged of Zende’s new portrayer.

“Halfway through the scene,” she continued, “I realized, ‘Hey, this guy is my cousin! I can’t be flirting with him!'” (If you’re trying to connect the dots in your head, let us help: Steffy’s dad is Ridge, who has a sister named Kristen, who is the adoptive mom of Zende. So technically, they could hook up… especially on The Bold and the Beautiful, where you’re more likely to meet a new mate at a family dinner than on a dating app!)

When the time came to answer questions from fans, one topic which came up repeatedly was how the show filmed the passionate kiss Steffy had shared with her doctor beau. “It was tricky,” said Novlan, explaining that his wife Kayla Ewell (ex-Caitlin) returned to the set in order to be a body (and lip) double for Wood. “So it was really cool to have her come and hang out for the day.”

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But it was also, he added, a little strange… especially when it came to taping some of the more intimate dialogue. Although Novlan was saying the lines to his wife, who was standing in front of him, Wood was feeding him Steffy’s lines from just off camera. “I could see both of you, and it was just weird. My wife was trying to give me the [feeling of the scene] with her eyes, but it wasn’t her voice.”

Wood still thought that her leading man got the better end of that deal. “I was the who who kissed a mannequin,” she pointed out. “People wanted Steffy to get a new love interest for the longest time. Now, she finally gets one, and I basically get to make out with a mannequin!”

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When a fan suggested it might be time to amp up the old rivalry that once simmered between Steffy and Brooke, Wood was all in! “We could go there again,” she said enthusiastically. “That was always fun!”

Asked what storyline he’d like for his character, Novlan, too, wanted one involving Brooke… although his sounded sounded more like a pitch for the supernatural sudser Passions or perhaps Days of Our Lives. “I want to have a brain transplant,” he declared. “Brooke and I can switch!”

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