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The Bold and the Beautiful storylines developed instantly.

The Bold and the Beautiful has been flying through plots and leaping from one to another at breakneck speed and we have to wonder what’s going on. Sure, we don’t want another year-long debacle like Baby Beth/Phoebe, but somewhere in between would be ideal. The whiplash-inducing switch up saw the powers that be veer from Shauna and Quinn’s secret being exposed to two new storylines surrounding newly-returned Zende…

Viewers left Quinn back in the Forrester living room fighting to save her marriage last week – we still don’t know what’s become of her and Eric – and found themselves smack dab in the middle of a love triangle that developed overnight, and a new insta-rivalry to boot, over at Forrester Creations, where recent scenes have left many scratching their heads trying to make sense of what’s going on.

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The new narrative for Zoe, who was so hurt by Thomas’ machinations, and so bent on redeeming herself with the Forrester Creations crowd, seems to be that she’s a bit of a golddigger. She’s been shamelessly flirting with Zende since the minute he walked through the door, and clearly the ‘Forrester’ portion of his last name holds a certain appeal as she openly characterized her failed marriage to Thomas as a lost opportunity to join the Forrester family, then coyly mused about the likelihood of getting that chance again. She did a lot of gushing about dating the COO when Carter got promoted too, but all signs point to the nice guy finishing last in this scenario. It would have been great if they’d allowed even a slightly slower build to this triangle and given viewers time to get invested one way or the other. Moreover, the outcome, or at least the direction, feels fairly predictable.

In another twist, Thomas arrived at work only to have Zoe ask why he was there. Perhaps he’s been off the job while re-examining his choices, but it was odd that she would question him walking into his family business. Hope also behaved coolly toward Thomas, when just recently they were agreeing about Liam and bonding over co-parenting. Zende then called Thomas out about his behavior toward Hope and Zoe, which is legit, but weird given he appears to have no issue with Zoe having kept the baby secret even longer than Thomas. Next, Hope informed Thomas that Zende would be working on her line, not him – all of these plot points very obviously geared to create an insta-rivalry between Zende and Thomas.

Why not let triangles and rivalries develop organically as story unfolds rather than make characters seem to turn on a dime or behave differently than they did last week to enable these jarring ‘insta-plots’?

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