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The Las Vegas transplant bet it all on her plot to hoodwink Ridge into (re)marriage, only to go bust.

Personas on The Bold and the Beautiful don’t come a whole lot more non grata these days than Denise Richards’ Shauna. In the blink of an eye — and it really was almost that fast; the show’s been pedal-to-the-metal lately — she went from conspiring 24/7 with good friend and notorious bad influence Quinn to remarry Ridge… to being found out, dumped and branded a pariah.

Honestly, it isn’t as if Shauna doesn’t deserve it, either. We’ve discussed before what a delightful alternative to Brooke the Sin City native initially was for Ridge. But once she duped him into divorcing his wife to drunkenly marry her, she lost us. Then, she continued to alienate us by letting Quinn talk her into yet another scheme, this one to retie the knot in front of Brooke for no real purpose other than to say “Nyah! Nyah!” and rub the nuptials in her face like they were wedding cake.

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Anyway, the fit has now hit the shan, so what’s Shauna to do? We have, as we usually do, some ideas about that. Read on and decide which, if any, you favor before hitting the comments.

Make a Play for Bill

We’ve actually floated this idea before, and we’ll probably keep right on doing so until The Bold and the Beautiful tries out Shauna and Bill as a couple. How come? First of all, the pairing doesn’t just make sense because they have a past (he was even a contender for the title of Flo’s father) and chemistry (remember when Shauna was used to test Bill’s loyalty to Katie?). It also makes sense because hello! Bill would love nothing more than to poke at Ridge by showing him what a great time he’s having with the woman the dressmaker could’ve had. As an added bonus, every kiss Bill and Shauna share would serve as a reminder to Brooke that she could’ve been with him but chose Ridge.

Shauna toiuches Bill's chest on Bold and Beautiful

“That’s right, Shauna. They’re real, and they’re spectacular.”

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Move In With Quinn

We’ll grant you, Shauna’s friendship with Quinn has been at best a mixed blessing. Maybe even more like a mixed curse. But they’re tight. And who among us hasn’t accidentally steered a pal in the wrong direction now and then? (“No, that dress doesn’t look at all like fish wrap; you’re totally pulling it off.”) So when Eric inevitably adds his wife to his extensive “ex files,” she and Shauna oughta become roommates and navigate L.A. together as a couple of gorgeous divorcées looking for a fresh start and a good time. Since neither of them is terribly comfortable in a halo, maybe they could even get chummy with new neighbor Vinny, only to learn that his favorite song is “Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson.” (Hey, you have to like that idea better than the one in which I paired the drug dealer with Steffy!)

Denise Richards, Rena Sofer"The Bold and the Beautiful" quinn shauna

“No, sweetie, *I’d* definitely be the Laverne… ”

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Become the New Pam

This one’s a long shot. But what if Shauna was able to so convincingly throw Quinn under the bus that Eric blamed his missus more for the Ridge fiasco than he did his ex-daughter-in-law? Eric, being forgiving to a fault, might decide to wipe the slate clean and hire Shauna as Forrester Creations’ new secretary, putting her in the perfect position to eavesdrop and butt in — and remind Ridge at every turn both how sorry she is and how attractive she is. Again, it’s a long shot. But you have to admit, it’s a recipe for fun. And you just know Quinn wouldn’t be able to resist “helping” Brooke run late for a runway show, thus necessitating Shauna going on in her place!

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Go Back to Vegas

Let’s be real: This is the only idea that makes sense for Shauna at the moment. She’s gotta put some miles between her and the long list of people who are pissed at her. Mind you, we don’t mean leave the show, we just mean go back to Vegas — with us following along to see how she regroups. We’d have her remain tied to the action in L.A. via constant calls to Flo and Quinn, during which we’d learn that while serving cocktails in the gambling mecca, she’d decided to roll the dice on love again — and had gotten engaged to a handsome seaman. (You know very well that Shauna doesn’t go for a long courtship.) And whad’ya know? The sailor in question would have business in L.A, so in no time, Shauna would be back in town and introducing everyone to her next husband — Brooke’s ex-husband, Nick Marone!

Jack Wagner and John McCook"The Bold and the Beautiful" nick sailor eric dive bar

“Sure, Nick, marry Shauna. Whatever floats your boat. See what I did there?”

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What do you think? Would you like to see one of these scenarios play out on The Bold and the Beautiful? Hit the comments with your favorite — or your alternative suggestion — then check out the photo gallery below, which features dazzling portraits of some of The Bold and the Beautiful and daytime’s most gorgeous leading ladies.