Quinn is left devastated on The Bold and the Beautiful
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Back to her old ways or looking for redemption?

Quinn and Shauna messed with ‘destiny’. Now, they must face the consequences. Shauna’s a sympathetic character who did a bad thing. She isn’t malicious by nature so we imagine her redemption won’t be too hard-won. Quinn on the other hand? Forgiveness for orchestrating Ridge and Brooke’s non-divorce will not come easy or soon. Maybe not at all. So, what’s next for The Bold and the Beautiful’s resident schemer? Let’s speculate!

Eric seemed pretty done with Quinn in Thursday’s episode. After he walked out on her, Quinn’s first thought might be to try and re-secure her place in Eric’s life, not to mention keep her portrait over the mantle. This could go either way. It’s not too big of a stretch to assume she’d scheme to hold on to her husband, especially if he finds himself drawn back to Donna. If Eric sticks to his guns and pushes for a divorce, Quinn making his life a living hell seems another likely scenario. At the very least, she’ll probably hold out for a hefty divorce settlement.

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On the flip side, Eric could flat out forgive Quinn. Or, she could try and walk the straight and narrow on her way back to earning his trust. It might be fun to watch Quinn try (and probably fail) at being good, but we all know that would never last long. Would we want it to?

Her marriage might not be the only relationship Quinn loses in the fallout. Shauna blames Quinn for convincing her to go along with the plan, while Quinn blames Shauna for outing her as the mastermind. Things have the potential to get ugly between the former single moms from Vegas. Of course, Quinn and Shauna could lean on each other as they rebuild their lives. Perhaps, Shauna finally lets Quinn bring out her bad girl side and they do what Quinn does best — plot to destroy lives. Or, Shauna’s goodness takes hold over Quinn. Just kidding. That would never happen.

Should Quinn find herself with nowhere to turn, she could take solace over at Spencer Publications. Bill might be the only one who won’t judge her scheming ways. Although, he wasn’t too happy when Quinn recently tried to enlist his assistance in her Bridge break-up plans. He might be reluctant to extend a job offer, investment capital, or social support. Should Bill decide to back his former fling though, Quinn could find a stumbling block in Liam. He does have his own ugly history with his half-brother’s mother who made him think they were in love when he had amnesia. Brooke is also Liam’s mother-in-law, so that could be awkward, but Liam doesn’t stand a chance against Bill should he set his mind on taking in the wayward jewelry designer.

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As for her son, Wyatt will probably be pretty judgmental of Quinn’s actions. He’s been through a lot with his mother and seen her do awful things, but he always comes around to forgiving Quinn. He might be able to convince his father to have some sympathy should Bill need a little nudge. However, if Shauna and Quinn end up on opposite sides, it could drive a wedge between Wyatt and Shauna’s daughter, Flo, which has the potential to cause more friction between mother and son.

We already speculated about Shauna hooking up with Bill. That development could leave Quinn to grow close to Justin. Then, the foursome could rule the town, giving the Forrester/Logan side of the fictional Los Angeles a run for their money. Or, Quinn could convince Bill he’ll never measure up to Katie’s standards and the two team up to destroy Ridge and Brooke’s relationship once and for all. Since the hollow Bridge breakups and makeups are played out though, Bill and Quinn falling for each other in the process would be a fun and preferred result.

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