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The Bold and the Beautiful story was rushed, anti-climactic and damaged characters.

The latest installment of ‘Ridge and Brooke’s Destiny’ on The Bold and the Beautiful left us shaking our heads and with a lot of questions about the point of it all…

After racing through Steffy’s addiction story — which began with two refills of pain meds, escalated to her pulling a switchblade, and landed her in rehab inside of two weeks — the tale of Ridge’s scandalous Vegas wedding to Shauna was also wrapped up incredibly quickly and with few, if any, of the big dramatic beats we were expecting to see.

In fact, it was all rather anti-climactic given that Shauna phoned in her confession… literally! By that time, Katie had already spilled the beans to Ridge — totally denying us the must-see moment of Shauna and Quinn being publicly called out for their antics! Of course, it would have been trickier to pull off a group reveal with social distancing restrictions, but they managed to do a decent job of staging Steffy’s intervention. If ever there is a situation that calls for getting creative, it’s to guarantee you don’t deny the audience the most dramatic payoff possible!

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Sadly, not much of the storyline made sense either. If Ridge didn’t want to be married to Shauna, why go through everything that’s happened since Vegas and not just get an annulment as he initially intended? Ridge saying he’d already decided not to go through with the second wedding at the 11th hour made him look like a dummy for allowing the plans to be made. The story also ignored the connection he had with Shauna and had him suddenly acting as though they’d been little more than acquaintances. Playing on their chemistry and drawing out Ridge and Brooke’s reunion for an extended time would have been entertaining and given the story more depth.
ridge, shauna kiss B&B

Ridge wasn’t the only one who looked bad in all of this. Bill came off like a dithering fool, and Katie, who should have been allowed to hold onto her anger toward her sister for a good amount of time, was instead running to her rescue and spouting off to Ridge about how he can never trust Shauna again – completely ignoring the irony that Brooke had very recently covered up the kiss with Bill. Another casualty is Shauna, who was suddenly turned into a saint being eaten alive by guilt when we very clearly saw her push Flo to cover up a baby switch for months without a hint of conscience. So, what will become of Shauna now?

We still have the fallout for Eric and Quinn to look forward to, but otherwise it all seemed a little pointless. We didn’t even get to enjoy the big emotion of Ridge and Brooke getting back together because the ‘Bridge’ reunions have become much like the endless living room insta-weddings on the soap – they’ve little impact because they’ve been done too many times in quick succession. (Heck, we spent more time wondering how Ridge got into the house past Hope and Donna to sprinkle the rose petals than the show spent giving us a reason to re-invest in this pair!)

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