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The latest Mrs. Ridge Forrester could just wind up in the arms of another of her rival’s exes.

Judging from the spoilers for this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, the fit is about to hit the shan, where Shauna and Quinn’s harebrained scheme to dupe Ridge is concerned. And if it does, the fallout promises to be massive. Not only could it reunite Ridge and his most frequent wife — and create an irreparable rift between Eric and Quinn — it could send Shauna hurtling toward the one man that Brooke might want her with even less than her “destiny”: Bill.

Think about it. We know that Shauna and Bill have a past; he was even one of the likelier candidates when everyone was playing the “Who’s Flo’s father?” game. And we know that they still have chemistry. Remember how thick the sexual tension was when Shauna threw herself at Bill to help prove to Katie that he could be trusted?

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Speaking of Katie, yeah, Bill seems interested in his ex-missus. Or at least interested-ish. But she deserves better than a man who only wants her when her big sister isn’t available. So it’ll be a bitter pill to swallow if Katie casts off what self-esteem she has left to take back the fickle lothario. (It’s not for nothing that he made our list of daytime’s biggest playboys ever.)

Plus, Bill is currently woman-less. And if there’s one thing he and “the dressmaker” have in common, it’s that they can’t go without female companionship for very long. If he’s not already, he’ll soon be looking for a playmate. (He and Ridge define “very long” as about the amount of time it took to read that sentence; they are hella impatient where the ladies are concerned.)

As for Shauna, she could do worse than to lick her wounds between the silk sheets of the so-called stallion. He’d frown less than most — if at all — on her conniving. (In fact, he’d probably just mock her taste in men… well, her past taste in men, anyway.) He’d make her forget her troubles. And best of all, he might remind her that, before all this nonsense took a wrecking ball to her rep, she was a blast. She shouldn’t — and didn’t — need all that scheming to land any guy, at least not one with eyes and a brain.

Mind you, this idea isn’t all about how much sense it makes. It’s also about how much story it would generate. When the wedding is over and done with, Brooke may wind up with the prize — Ridge — but she may still be more irate than relieved, owing to Shauna’s new friend with benefits. Brooke may not want Bill — or she may not want him as much as she does Ridge — but that certainly doesn’t mean that she wants Shauna to have him. Brooke would end up seeing shades of red that she didn’t even know existed.

The question then would become, what would Brooke do? Would she set out to break up Bill and Shauna? And how on earth could she do that without raising red flags galore in Ridge’s mind? She’d be, in essence, trapped: forced to watch Bill canoodle with Shauna while suddenly her own happily ever after doesn’t seem so happy anymore. Delicious, no? (Considering how, er, well Brooke did in our poll of your most-disliked Bold & Beautiful characters, we’re gonna guess this would be cool by you.)

But wait, there’s more. If Shauna wanted to stick it to Quinn for talking her into that cockamamie scheme in the first place, she’d be perfectly positioned to do so as Bill’s lover du jour. While Wyatt could tell his mom that he needed a break from her, just to get over his shock at the lows to which she sank, Shauna could step in, enjoying dinners out with him, his dad and Flo. They’d look like a happy family, and it would make Quinn so apoplectic, “apoplectic” wouldn’t even be good enough a word anymore to describe how she felt.

What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Could you see Shauna and Bill connecting if her and Ridge’s “I dos” turn into “I don’ts”? Can you imagine the trouble they could make together? On your way to the comments, stop by the photo gallery below to review the 30 greatest Bold & Beautiful characters ever, ranked. Even if you disagree with the order we’ve put them in, you’ll have to at least enjoy the pictures.