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Get ready, because big changes are about to hit the Forrester and Logan clans.

If ever a single moment indicated that a soap was stepping up its storytelling game, it had to be when The Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy pulled a switchblade out of her pocket. Admit it: Even longtime fans who can usually see a plot twist coming a mile — or at least a week — away were left shouting, “OK, I did not see that one coming!” So yes, you’ve definitely captured our attention, Bold & Beautiful. But as is always the case with a soap opera, the big question is what you’re going to do next to keep it.

If the weeks ahead are any indication, the answer is “anything and everything.” From secrets being revealed to familiar names showing up with new faces, this fall promises to be a doozy. (That’s right, we said a doozy!) Strap in as we take a look at some of the big storylines which will be unfolding this fall, as well as a couple of twists we’re hoping to see.

Big Wedding Shockers

You can tell Quinn and Shauna spent a lot of time in Las Vegas before moving to Los Angeles, because they’re the kind of women who don’t just gamble, they go all-in. As exciting as that can be, the problem is that when you put it all on the line, you risk losing everything, as they’ll find out in the coming weeks.

Shauna and Brooke square off Bold and Beautiful

Truth be told, the ladies deserve what’s coming to them, and not just because they conspired to take advantage of Ridge’s intoxicated state that life-changing night in Vegas. They also deserve it because, quite frankly, their behavior was downright dumb! Quinn’s been a schemer long enough to know better than to sit in a heavily-traversed living room and talk about secrets without even bothering to use code words. Yet she and Shauna did exactly that — repeatedly! — to the point that it was inevitable someone would overhear their conversations. The only real surprise? That it was Katie — who’s been majorly sidelined for far too long — who happened upon the scene.

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Now that the secret is out, the consequences can begin to unfold… and trust us when we say they’ll be massive! In true Bold & Beautiful fashion, the fact that Katie knows the truth will kick things into high gear. As we’ve discussed quite a bit in recent weeks, while this soap may rush stories, they do payoffs better than any other currently-airing sudser. The fallout from Shauna and Quinn’s lies and manipulation will be epic, ultimately putting several relationships on the line. While it seems downright inevitable that Shauna will lose Ridge to Brooke, it’s Eric and Quinn’s union which will prove the one to watch.

Out for Revenge

Now, were Quinn a creature capable of rational, linear thought, she’d likely understand that the tough times which are about to befall her are a result of her own doing. Instead, look for her to do a little would-be victim blaming by aiming her ire at Brooke, the object of her failed scheme. How bad things really get between the two women could depend on Eric’s decision regarding the future of his marriage. Should he opt to boot Quinn from his life — and (gasp!) return Stephanie’s portrait to its rightful place above the fireplace — all bets are off with regards to how the scorned woman will react.

Bold beautiful sheila quinn il giordino CD JPI

For all their sakes, the Forrester clan might want to hope that Quinn doesn’t take to drowning her sorrows at Il Giardino, last known place of employment of another of Eric’s bitter ex-wives. (And for all our sakes, here’s hoping that’s exactly what happens! The notion of former rivals Sheila and Quinn forming the ultimate scheme team is more delicious than anything on that restaurant’s menu.)

Caught in the Crossfire

Because soap characters do not exist in a vacuum, the fallout from Quinn and Shauna’s secret being revealed will be far-reaching. For example, their children — Wyatt and Flo — will have their own relationship tested. Do they opt to stand by their respective moms, or might Flo rightfully point out that her mom wanted to do the right thing but was pushed by Quinn to keep her lips zipped? (Wyatt, on the other hand, could easily point out that even if his mom was twisting Shauna’s arm a bit, the bride-to-be still could have come forward and confessed her sins.)

Bill canoodle Katie Bold and Beautiful

Meanwhile, Katie filling Ridge in on the conversation she overheard sets in motion events which could have an impact on her own romantic future. With Brooke wanting nothing more than to reunite with Ridge, Katie will no doubt find herself pursued yet again by Bill. After all, she’s the woman he desperately loves (when her sister isn’t available, that is). But should Katie even consider going back to him after everything the guy has put her through over the years? Or is it time for her to finally look elsewhere for happiness… even if that means doing something downright crazy like dating a guy who has never expressed a bit of interest in either of her siblings? (Heck, if things go south for Wyatt and Flo, we’d be all about him reuniting with Katie, the one who got away… if only because he let her.)

Mixing Business With Pleasure

Over at Forrester Creations, look for the budding romance of Carter and Zoe to flourish. (Honestly, how do these people get any work accomplished, given how much time they spend flirting?) That said, Carter could soon have competition for the beautiful model now that Zende is going to once again be wandering the company’s hallways (with the handsome new face of Delon de Metz). The fact that he’s an up-and-coming designer and she’s a model seems like a pretty sure indication that these two are on a collision course.

Hope, Liam, Steffy cliff B&B

Speaking of co-workers for whom things are getting complicated, something tells us that when Thomas thinks about Hope for the Future, he has designs not only for the line but on its inspiration. As executive producer/headwriter Bradley Bell warned Soap Opera Digest, Thomas and Hope working together will “stoke the fire again for Thomas and his desire for Hope. We’ll wonder if it’s a healthy desire or more trouble.” Unfortunately, Liam might be opening the door for his nemesis to waltz through. It was one thing for him to be concerned for babymama Steffy as her insta-addiction became evident. But does his jealousy toward Finn — combined with the fact that Thomas is encouraging Hope to notice just how much time her hubby’s spending with Liam — indicate that daytime’s most famous waffler is getting ready for another round of romantic ping-pong?

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Last but not least, there’s a wild card about to be thrown into the mix when Diamond White joins the cast as Zoe’s sister, Paris Buckingham. Will the newbie have more in common with her striving-to-be-her-best sis, or their ne’er-do-well dad, Reese? We’ll find out when Paris arrives in Los Angeles on Monday, November 2… just in time to stir things up during November sweeps!

Now that we’ve given you a taste of what to expect in the coming weeks, hit the comments to tell us which storyline you’re most excited to see play out. Then visit the gallery below and see if you agree with our rankings when it comes to the 30 best characters in the history of The Bold and the Beautiful.