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Credit: Image: Denis Guignebourg/JPI

Apparently, Thomas’ former portrayer has gotten himself a new girlfriend. Stunning, we know, considering how challenged he is in the looks department. (Ha!)

In an impressively-edited YouTube video posted on October 1, The Bold and the Beautiful alum Pierson Fodé, who preceded Matthew Atkinson as Thomas, revealed that he was involved with actress Saxon Sharbino. “You may have missed this,” he quipped, “but we dating.”

And, it turned out, that was but the tip of the iceberg where the hunk’s revelations were concerned. The couple also shared what he dubbed “our first kiss,” at least in a vlog, showed us how he “[bleeped] up my finger” and announced that he was “taking a Cheeto across the country.” Not just across the country but across the border into Canada, where he was filming the big-deal big-screen movie Man From Toronto with Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory fame. In other words, for the next three months, he’d get to know what it was like to be “living that A-list celebrity lifestyle when you’re a B-list celebrity.” 

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Upon arriving in Canada, Fodé discovered that his fridge was empty. This was not entirely a surprise, he said. He’d been put on a diet of, erm, air, “because they said I was fat.” (Who are “they,” we ask, and where need we go to punch them out?)

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At least the Hollywood up-and-comer got to hang with Harrelson on his flight. “That was [bleeping] awesome,” he said. They talked and talked, then decided “to respectively take a nap, because I was tired as [bleep], and so was he.” Before they zonked out, though, the Cheers legend had been “super giving, super engaging.” Which we assume meant that he shared his pretzels.

What’s your take, Bold & Beautiful fans? Are you psyched to see what Fodé can do beyond the soap? While you’re here, why not peruse the below photo gallery, which ranks the CBS soap’s all-time greatest characters? Even if you disagree with the order in which we put them, you’ll love the gorgeous pictures.