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It’s the character’s last chance to redeem herself.

Look, we knew from the moment that The Bold and the Beautiful introduced Shauna that she was no saint. But Flo’s mom was fun. Unpretentious. Unashamed. And we adored her with Ridge, their flirtatious interplay fizzing like freshly poured champagne. It was no wonder to us why he liked her. She was as lovely as Brooke but without all that pesky baggage, so their interaction was light and easy. That, however, was before… dun-dun-dunnn — The Plot.

Making the mistake of putting heart over mind, Shauna let Quinn, who should know better, given how often her schemes have backfired, talk her into manipulating a drunken Ridge into a quickie Vegas wedding. This was, shall we say, no bueno. It tarnished Shauna in a way that even shielding her daughter during the baby-swap debacle hadn’t. In fact, we’ve discussed at lengths how those Sin City shenanigans ruined the character of Shauna. (You can read our thoughts on the matter here.)

Every day since then, the newly-minted Mrs. Forrester has had a chance to come clean — and every day, she’s let it pass her by. Now, Quinn, still pulling the strings like a master puppeteer, has strong-armed Ridge into renewing his vows with Shauna in the Forrester family’s living room — with Brooke on hand to witness the “blessed” event. Talk about audacious!

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That this is all so much foolishness on Ridge’s part goes without saying. We’ve long known that he has a problem with commitment. As in, he loves making commitments to women. He’s not great at keeping them, but Lord, does he ever love making ’em. He’s addicted to it, if you ask us. To the point that, if he went a year without getting engaged or married a time or two, we would assume that the show was doing a storyline in which he’d been replaced by a doppelganger.

But the real tragedy here is that Shauna has a chance — possibly her last one — to tell the truth, set Ridge free and reclaim some shred of dignity. And she’s not taking it. Instead of confessing that neither Ridge nor Jack Daniels had texted Carter to file the divorce papers, the bride is heeding Quinn’s advice, remaining mum and, as a result, blushing for the wrong reason: guilt. (To her credit, at least she isn’t gleeful and remorseless like her manipulative bestie.)

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We all know that at some point this is going to blow up in Shauna’s face, possibly destroying not just her marriage but Quinn and Eric’s, too. And can you imagine the “I told ya so!” tour on which Brooke will embark? We’ll never hear the end of her reminding Ridge that he should have held tightly to his faith in their destiny. (It’ll probably even buy her a Make Out With Bill Free card or two.) Shauna should just listen to the conscience that’s been nagging at her, throw the dice like a real Vegas high roller and let the chips fall where they may. If she does, she may yet prove to Ridge — and us — that she deserves to be forgiven.

If she needs any extra incentive to do the right thing — finally — the below photo gallery can provide it in spades. It counts down 10 reasons that her marriage to Ridge was doomed from the start — and will still be doomed, for that matter, even if she gets her husband to stand up in front of the Forresters and Brooke and say “I redo.”