Jacqueline MacInnes Wood chat B&B
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Bold and Beautiful actress teases fun stories ahead.

The Bold and the Beautiful actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood delved into a Q&A session with her fans to talk about both her personal and professional lives and from the very first answer we were hooked. After a self-proclaimed ‘massive fan’ commented, “I only watch B&B because of you. Dr Fine also has me hooked 😍 Can’t wait to see how their relationship develops,” Wood delighted followers by thanking him and remarking, “Now all Steffy has to do is take down that damn picture from her wall 🤦🏻‍♀️lol.”

Getting into the current storyline, Wood said she thought it was very important to shine a light on the opioid crisis, and addressed how she prepared for the role, explaining, “I did a little research via YouTube on opioid addiction from first hand addicts and the effect on not just them but also the grief it caused their family members.” She added, “I had originally mistakenly thought it must take years to become addicted and was very surprised how quickly and easily one can become addicted. It was heartbreaking.” An interesting point given we thought Steffy’s addiction storyline was too rushed. With that said, Wood teased that there were “Fun stories ahead!” and relayed her character (currently in rehab) will be back onscreen soon.

Wood confided that her favorite locations shots have been Italy and Australia, and laughed when asked if her husband, Elan, had been on set filming as a double. She replied, “Hahahah no not yet.” Of course, we know co-star Tanner Novlan’s wife, and former Bold & Beautiful actress, Kayla Ewell was a stand-in for Steffy in love scenes.

On a more personal note, Wood divulged some of her beauty and wellness routine. She shared a tip for keeping her hair gorgeous when not filming, and said that “weight lifting and sprints are my go-to,” as far keeping in shape. It was noted that she has an adventurous spirit and she was asked if there was something she’d like to do again or try. Wood replied, “I would like to start wakeboarding again ❤️ haven’t done it in yearrrrrsssss.” The actress is also known for her trademark dance videos on Instagram, and confided that she didn’t take dance lessons but instead taught herself by sneaking into clubs with a fake ID. We’d expect nothing less badass!

Finally, Wood relayed that she hadn’t been able to get home to her native Canada as often as normal due to the quarantine but hoped to return soon.

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